This is the application for Australia Farm Work. Please fill in the details asked for. Once we receive your application we will contact you to invite you to our office for an informal interview & briefing. If this proves too difficult to attend in person we will be happy to interview you over the phone.

1 1: Personal Details

If you have any questions please visit our More Information page or call and speak to us on 01892 770771

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Parent/Guardian/Next of Kin


2 2: Education

Name of Most Recent Educational Institute

What qualifications have you already gained?

3 3: Employment History

What are your plans after your year out?

4 4: Experience and Skills

5 5: Dietry, Medical And Personal

6 6: Motivation

8 7: Finish

Your Payment:

As part of your application, we require you to pay the first £50.00 of the program fee. After interview, if we were unable to offer a place, we would return this £50.00 to you. Please enter your details below and note that if you choose to use a Credit Card, you will be charged a 2.25% service charge (£51.13 total).