Internships are a great way to gain valuable experience in your chosen area of work.  Whether it be in the business world, medical field or research sphere, Oyster runs some great opportunities to help you build your employability and gain a great insight into the practices of organisations around the world.

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China - China Adventure

China Adventure

A 26 week China experience for strong pre and post university students that combines teaching English in a school in China with exciting possibilities of learning Mandarin – the best way to truly understand China and be much more than a tourist.

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China - China Internship Programme

China Internship Programme

Are you excited by the potential of China and want to learn how to do business with the world’s fastest growing economy? Get fantastic work experience and learn Mandarin as an intern in Beijing or Shanghai.

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Thailand - Diving and marine conservation in Thailand

Diving and marine conservation in Thailand

Help conserve the world’s depleting coral reefs as a marine conservation volunteer in Thailand. Immerse yourself in the underwater world completing daily dives off the stunning Thai island of Koh Phangan, all whilst helping with an important research and conservation project.

Most of the world’s coral reefs are under threat – and, without them, fish would eventually cease to exist. Play an active part in the efforts being made to halt this shocking decline, combining your passion for diving, conservation and travelling.

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Sri Lanka - Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka

Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka

Make a dream a reality working with elephants in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Help to promote the protection and survival of these endangered elephants in the depths of Sri Lanka’s stunning interior. Become part of an important initiative to help elephants and communities live together – and experience the incredible privilege of working with these gentle giants.

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Romania - Medical Internship in Romania

Medical Internship in Romania

Gain valuable medical experience working with a mobile medical unit, travelling around homes in and around Brasov city. Work closely with the nurses visiting patients for basic health check-ups, wound dressings and general health care.

Opportunities also exist working in a children’s hospital in the centre of Brasov. Here you will work closely with children on a ward, helping with play therapy and basic care.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see medical work in action and gain genuine medicine work experience – as well as gaining an insight into traditional Romanian life.

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Tanzania - Medical Internship in Tanzania

Medical Internship in Tanzania

Gain valuable work experience as a volunteer shadowing doctors and nurses in a District Hospital. Get involved on a variety of wards and with a variety of patients for a great hands-on medical experience.

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Malaysia - Orangutan conservation in Malaysia and Borneo

Orangutan conservation in Malaysia and Borneo

Help to care for and improve the lives of orangutans in a primate centre located outside of the buzzing city of Kuala Lumpur. Assist with feeding, monitoring and enrichments of these great apes, before heading into Borneo’s jungle to observe them in their natural habitats. Not only will you have the chance to experience life in the rainforest, you will become an important part of its regeneration- providing a better future for orangutans and other wildlife in the region.

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China - Teach and Earn in China

Teach and Earn in China

Work for twelve months as an English teacher in China on a teaching programme that includes a Beijing induction and a good salary. This is a great opportunity to teach English, learn Mandarin and travel to see China’s unforgettable sights.

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South Africa - Veterinary internship in South Africa

Veterinary internship in South Africa

Immerse yourself in the life of a vet on a Big 5 game reserve, shadowing a vet and other wildlife specialists getting hands-on in basic care. Get to grips with checking on the health and well being of the animals, all whilst living in the heart of a lush reserve home to hundreds of species of animals.

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Malaysia - Zoo assistant internship in Malaysia

Zoo assistant internship in Malaysia

Immerse yourself in the life of a zoo keeper working alongside experts at a leading Malaysian zoo. Gain first hand experience working with primates, sun bears, elephants, tigers and much more, all whilst actively promoting animal welfare and improving the lives of these exotic creatures.

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