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India - 2 week pre-medical internship in Palampur

If you are aged 16-18 and looking for a career in medicine look no further than this exciting, pre-medical Indian adventure. Situated in Palampur, surrounded by tea fields, you will get to see rural India at its best. Spend 2 weeks with like-minded pre-medical students and shadow fully qualified doctors and nurses. Spend your weekends visiting the local sites, including the Taj Mahal, on this fantastic all-inclusive programme.

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Nepal - Annapurna Base Camp Trek

If you want to be inspired by the peace and majesty of Nepal’s mountain ranges, then this Annapurna trek is hard to beat. Your destination is the famous Annapurna Sanctuary – a plateau surrounded by a ring of soaring mountain peaks.

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Australia - Conservation Volunteering in Australia

Step off the well beaten tourist track and into the heart of some of Australia’s most beautiful land and sea scapes. Immerse yourself in this rewarding volunteer programme to preserve some of Australia’s natural wonders – from some of the worlds most beautiful beaches to the wildlife wonder of the Tasmanian Devil.

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New Zealand - Conservation volunteering in New Zealand

This project is perfect for those with a love for the environment and the great outdoors. Whether you are a student, professional or a retiree, anyone is welcome to make a genuine difference and contribute to protecting some of the most beautiful and remote islands in the world. Choose a gateway city and travel out to your conservation site to work with passionate and inspiring local Kiwis!

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Galapagos - Conservation volunteering on the Galapagos Islands

Help to promote conservation and biodiversity in the Galapagos, the jewel in the crown of the stunning equatorial country of Ecuador. Get back to nature volunteering to improve the habitats for native creatures, from incredible bird life to giant tortoises. If that isn’t enough of a draw, enjoy your free time swimming in the crystal clear waters, diving with amazing marine life and spending a day at the beach with a crowd of sea lions.

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India - Delhi Medical Internship

Gain an insight into life as a doctor or nurse abroad in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Choose to work in a range of departments and create an experience tailored to your interests.

Before beginning your internship, enjoy our highly recommended week long cultural and language orientation in Delhi and visit Agra, home of the Taj Mahal.

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Thailand - Diving and marine conservation in Thailand

Help conserve the world’s depleting coral reefs as a marine conservation volunteer in Thailand. Immerse yourself in the underwater world completing daily dives off the stunning Thai island of Koh Phangan, all whilst helping with an important research and conservation project.

Most of the world’s coral reefs are under threat – and, without them, fish would eventually cease to exist. Play an active part in the efforts being made to halt this shocking decline, combining your passion for diving, conservation and travelling.

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Sri Lanka - Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka

Make a dream a reality working with elephants in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Help to promote the protection and survival of these endangered elephants in the depths of Sri Lanka’s stunning interior. Become part of an important initiative to help elephants and communities live together – and experience the incredible privilege of working with these gentle giants.

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Sri Lanka - Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka for families

Make your family’s dream of working with elephants a reality in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not only will you and your family be living far off the beaten track in a place resembling paradise, but you will be making a genuine contribution to protecting elephants and helping communities.

Dates: This project runs throughout the year. Arrival day to Colombo is a Sunday. The duration is 2 weeks.

Suitability: You know your children best, but we would suggest a minimum age of 10 for this project. You will need to be happy to get stuck in and mucky, prepared for some basic living and be open to a very different experience.

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Thailand - Elephant conservation in Thailand

Become part of a moving journey to return elephants to their native jungle. This inspiring volunteer project brings elephants back from their lives performing and trekking for tourists, rehabilitating them into a life in the wild that has been all but forgotten.

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