Booking Process Explained

How we guide you through the preparation for your journey.

Booking form:

Complete our short booking form with some basic information. In the case of our Australia Outback programme you will need to make a £50 refundable deposit at this stage.

Initial chat and interview:

Once you’ve completed your booking form, the Destination Manager for your preferred project will get in contact so that you can have an initial discussion and arrange an interview. Most interviews are held over the phone but people are very welcome to visit us for a face to face interview. For some projects, and for people who live locally, this is recommended.

For our shorter term projects, we will not need to do a full interview. The initial chat will just give you the opportunity to ask questions about your chosen project, and for us to find out more about you. You will find that our Destination Managers are very experienced in their projects, and will be able to tell you a lot more about them!

For our longer term projects we will ask you at the interview why you are applying for the programme and about your relevant experience and make sure you understand what is involved. This will take approx. 20 minutes. The Destination Manager will then talk you through the project in more detail, along with a slideshow presentation.

Time to consider:

Following the interview, we will send you a pack with important details such as dates, price, details of the package (inclusions/exclusions), payment schedule, terms and conditions and health/safety issues. You will then have a week to decide whether to accept the place. If you need longer, just let us know.

Confirmation and payment:

If you would like to accept the place you need to sign and return a booking and medical form and make your first payment. The payment schedule works as follows:

  • £180 on accepting a place
  • £450 due 6 months before departure
  • Final balance due 3 months before departure

Pre-departure briefing:

Once you accept you will receive plenty of advice to help you plan your trip (eg: getting a visa, insurance, vaccinations, flights). You can contact us at any time if you have queries or concerns. Then, a month or so before departure we will provide pre-departure briefing including an information pack and extended telephone conversation. For our longer group placements, we run a special one or two day course.

I felt you really got to know me throughout the process. Thanks for all your help and advice. I was glad that I’d met you at the interview. It gave me loads of confidence in the Oyster team and this amazing project.

Jenny, 2010