An ‘exciting’ time volunteering with bears in Romania

Rescued bears playing in the Romanian bear sanctuaryWe send many volunteers and workers overseas each year, and it is always great for us to hear back from them upon their return. I was delighted to receive this lovely email from bear volunteer, Zantel le Grange, after a memorable month working with the bears in Romania. Thanks so much Zantel, I am so delighted that you had such a good time!

Hi Anne!
Hope you’re doing well?!

This is super late, but i just had to thank you personally for all your help and support during my trip! It proved to be such an exciting month at the sanctuary! We were fortunate enough to see so many changes take place not only in the enclosures, but also the weather! It was such a great experience seeing two young, playful bears move from quarantine into their new enclosures! We experienced their first plunge in the swimming pool and even a few fail attempts at climbing a tree. Very amusing!

The trip as a whole was so much fun, it honestly exceeded my expectations!
I think what made it so exciting was the fact that there was no specific routine, we were constantly surprised or left curious, which I quite liked! Every week held a different adventure and a lot of laughs.

I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to do something meaningful in such a great place with a company so dedicated! Oyster’s support through the entire process has meant a lot to me!

Thanks again fro all your effort and support!

Zantel xx

For more information see our webpage on volunteering with bears in Romania. For any questions, contact Anne too was a former bears volunteer!

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