An overview of the 2014 Winter Olympics so far! By Nathan Cleal

One week has passed since the most expensive opening ceremony of an Olympic games and the sport has been just as exciting.

The action began a day before though with figure skating and snowboard slope style.

With all four British athletes going through to the weekends semi finals and straight to the final in Jamie Nicholls’ case everyone was up early on Saturday morning to watch Billy Morgan pull off his best run to progress to the final. Sadly both riders failed to lay down a perfect run in the final and they finished in 6th and 10th place.

In other freestyle events we saw two of the three Dufour-Lapointe sisters that are competing in the ladies moguls win medals, Shaun White fail to even get on the podium and James woods finish in fifth position despite an injured hip. But the highlight for Team GB was in the ladies snowboard Slopestyle.

On Sunday, Jenny Jones and Aimee Fuller both had to qualify for the final. Jenny went through to the final and Aimee finished in 7th but credit to the BBC because they managed to get her in the commentary box and we actually had someone who knew what they were talking about instead of Tim Warwood constantly describing riding switch ‘as hard as walking backwards blindfolded with a flock of birds attacking your head with weights on their feet.’

Aimee’s Commentary alongside Ed Leigh raised the tension back at home as we watch Jenny nail her second run to place in gold medal position. She slid down the table towards the end though but still ended up with a Bronze medal, GB’s first in Slope style, first in a snowboard event and first ever medal on snow!

With the whole commentary box in tears as she stepped onto the podium, her mum and dad secretly made there way down to the interview. As they hid behind Matthew Pinsent he brought them out to Jenny’s surprise to cue more tears.

That was most of the action over for the weekend and with a medal already, GB’s hopes of a record Olympics are on track.

During the week we have seen the start of the curling with both the men’s and women’s team with a chance of getting a medal. The tournament is played on a round robin with the top four going through to the semi final.

The women are skipped by Scotland’s Eve Muirhead and are currently on 2 wins and 2 losses after playing the top seeds in the event. So they look to qualify comfortably into the finals.

The men, who are skipped by David Murdoch, have had a good start to the tournament with just one loss in their first five games, leaving them in joint second place with just four games remaining.

At the sliding centre, the luge was dominated by the Germans. Felix Loch, Tobias Wendl, Tobias Arlt and Natalie Geisenberger all won their individual events in men’s, doubles and women’s luge. Sochi also saw the first ever luge relay event at a winter Olympics with the slider slapping a change over board at the bottom of the run the gate opens at the start of the run for the next slider to go down. The Germans won their second medal each here winning the relay by over 1 second.

Another brand new sport for the Olympics with years of trying is the women’s ski jump. With lawsuits and battles over the event getting into the Olympics it was all about the sport on the day and Germany’s Carina Vogt went home with gold.

Some more British success as we expected in the skeleton with Lizzy Yarnold the world number one sitting in gold position overnight on Thursday and Shelley Rudman in 11th.

Another sport dominated by one nation. Speed skating and Holland. Four gold medals and seven other colours including having a fully Dutch podium on two occasions. One of Britain’s hopes for a medal is Elise Christie in the short track speed skating, having already competed in the final of the 500m and sadly controversially disqualified after taking out two of the other finalists, she is looking forward to her main event though, the 1000m.

Some sport to be looking forward to next week will be the conclusion of the Curling for both men and women. Ski and board cross where four competitors, six in snowboarding, race down the mountain through rollers and jumps to finish in first, this is set to be an exciting event with crashes and action throughout. The Bobsleigh also starts on Sunday with a pair of Jamaicans in the doubles. And finally the big one for the Russians and Americans, they will face each other in the group stage of the men’s ice hockey, one of the most anticipated face offs of these Olympics with the Americans competing for the first time in the host country and Russia looking for revenge on the 1980 miracle game where Americas amateur team bat the best in the world of the Soviet Union.

Winter Olympics 2014

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