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Summer volunteering opportunitiesSummer volunteering opportunities 2014

Whilst summer may seem a long way off now, it is really just around the corner! With the dismal winter weather that we have been experiencing over most of Europe and America, people’s thoughts are already drifting towards the summer and getting away overseas.

Places are already filling up for the summer on many of our volunteering projects. Summer volunteering opportunities are really very different to standard holidays. Each volunteer project will have a capacity number that we can not and will not exceed- there is an optimum number of volunteers on any one project, and as such we will never take more volunteers than are actually needed.

Because of this, our summer volunteering opportunities fill up fast and you need to be on the ball!

If you are looking to volunteer in summer 2014 you should be making your plans now. We can still be flexible for the majority of our projects but please be aware that we only take 3 volunteers at one time on some of them!

Our summer volunteering projects include:

– Volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica Protect nesting turtles and their eggs, ensuring that the baby turtles make it safely to the sea.

– Volunteer with bears in Romania Volunteer at a sanctuary set up to rehabilitate brown and black bears kept in captivity in this beautiful Transylvanian region.

– Big 5 reserve volunteering Experience life in a Big 5 reserve, helping with maintaining the beautiful reserve, rehabilitating cubs and tracking lions.

Volunteer with elephants in South Africa Get a real insight into the lives of these magnificent animals, helping with feeding, animal care and scientific research on a really personal basis.

Volunteer with lions in South Africa Volunteer at the largest big cat Sanctuary in South Africa, a place that offers a new home to big cats that have been abused, kept in cramped conditions or confiscated from hunters. Help with feeding, sanctuary tours and enrichment activities, helping the lions develop their natural wild instincts.

– Volunteer with monkeys in South Africa Nurture and protect orphaned and abused monkeys and baboons in this haven in the depths of South Africa. You will work hands on with the monkeys to form a close bond with these intelligent creatures, becoming an important part of their lives in their rehabilitation process.

– Volunteer with sharks in South Africa Help to monitor and observe sharks along a beautiful area of South Africa’s coast, in order to find out more about their behaviour.

– Volunteer with elephants in Thailand Make a life-changing difference to the future of former working elephants in this inspiring park in the Thai jungles. Get up close and personal with the elephants and their mahouts, helping with feeding and bathing the elephants.

Marine conservation and diving in Thailand Help preserve coral reefs to promote fish survival and experience the thrill of diving in the Gulf of Thailand.

Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in Thailand Involve yourself in a sanctuary that rescues wild animals that are maltreated and no one else cares for. Help with feeding, cleaning, exercising and enriching a wide variety of animals.

Volunteer with kids in Romania Teach English in schools, take care of kids in orphanages and family homes and hospitals. This is a moving project which will really make your summer worthwhile

Coach sports and teach English in South Africa Teach in welcoming and vibrant schools in Port Elizabeth and coach a variety of sports to kids. Sports include cricket, rugby, tennis, netball, football and hockey.

Tanzania Teaching and Childcare Choose to volunteer at a primary or secondary school in the north of the country. You will be welcomed by the children and the community and work in a school where you can make a real contribution.

Summer volunteering 2014

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