Preparations for my trip to South Africa – by Carly Williams

Trip to South AfricaA big thank you to Carly Williams for sharing her experience of her preparations with Oyster for her trip to South Africa.


3 Weeks with the Big 5

In May I set off for my first volunteer experience by myself in South Africa. Being an animal lover and photographer this would be an amazing experience to help out with conservation work on the game reserve as well as get brilliant shots of the wildlife on one of many game drives. I’ve written this blog to help anyone considering or going to do this experience.


Booking the trip was really easy with Oyster and there was plenty of information given. It’s great that before you even go you have the opportunity to speak to past, present and future volunteers to put yourself at ease.

Arrival and Orientation

Flying out to South Africa was much easier than I thought and not having to worry about a taxi at the other end was such a relief. We had the opportunity to see the Port Elizabeth lodge accommodation and freshen up before heading to the game reserve. This is where I first met my ‘Lions’ group, who I’d do all my conservation work with. We all bonded well from our various backgrounds (England, Scotland, Wales and Israel). Then once the last person arrived we headed to the game reserve and had our first dinner and saw accommodation for the first time and had an early night. Orientation was a tour of the place as well as getting wifi access (which is only available in the hotel and by the shop) and getting our t-shirts and caps. The monkeys would roam around everywhere and steal your bananas if you didn’t shut the door properly!

To find out more about Carly’s life as a volunteer at the game reserve, do keep an eye out on this blog for the next installment! If you can’t wait until then, find out more about Carly’s trip to South Africa on our Big 5 conservation page.

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