Teach English at a youth centre in Brazil – home to the 2016 Olympics!

Want to visit vibrant Brazil? 2016 is an exciting time to go – with the Olympics being held there this summer.

Our youth centre volunteering programme, based in Sao Paulo, is looking for enthusiatic and passionate volunteers to teach English to local kids. Volunteers are offered the opportunity to run classes and to get involved with a unique priject that has a real, positive impact on the local community in DIadema. Teaching English can help local children to reach their potential and it increases their chances of securing a good job when they are older. The youth centre provides a fun, experience for all volunteers who are willing to get stuck! If you are up for the challenge- get involved. In the meantime, take a look at how reading is coming to life in Brazil.


Volunteers putting on a show for the younger kids at the youth centre.

Kids enjoying a puppet show!


The youth centre has invested time and effort into improving their library facilities. Clearly, it is providing a hub for students of all ages to take time out and read.

Kids enjoying the library area


Some of the kids are adopting very strange reading positions!

Reading and relaxing

The reading lessons go al fresco…

Reading outside

A class of eager listeners listening to a story.


A class hearing a story

Not all classes have to be passive. This class get refocused with a game.

Jumping in class


If you want to volunteer at our youth centre in Brazil, we are on the hunt for vibrant volunteers. Teach English, crafts, art, dance, cooking or coach sports – to name a few ways they can you can get involved. This is one of our most challenging, but ultimately rewarding, programmes. So worthwile in fact – it recently won an award for the work done by the dedicated staff that make the youth centre possible!

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    I would be very interested to learn more about this scheme.


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