Wake up early to witness the sunrise at Annapurna Base Camp

Simply type ‘Top 5 trekking kit items’ into your search engine and you’ll get endless pages of results reminding you of the importance of taking clothes, walking boots, a jacket… this list goes on, most of which, you will have already considered if you are planning a trek in the Himalayas!

Here are a few more, less obvious, trekking essentials to have at hand in Nepal

  1. Water purifying tablets – use these to treat the water in your bottle or platypus/camel back system and make it safe to drink from a local water source. They are a great money-saving idea and, more importantly, help to reduce the amount of wasted plastic bottles left scattered across the Himalayan mountains.
  2. A good quality 3 or 4 season sleeping bag – possibly an obvious one but we cannot stress it enough! At some altitudes temperatures fall to well below freezing and you will want a good nights sleep for the long day of trekking that awaits you!
  3. Alcohol hand gel – this is really handy and helps prevent ‘Delhi belly’! Take a little bottle along and you won’t need to wash your hands if facilities are not available.
  4. Nepali phrase book – on your trek you will no doubt pass through a few traditional villages. Impress the locals and your guide by learning a little Nepali and keep a phrase book handy – it is always more polite to give the lingo a go!
  5. A great camera – keen photographer or not, invest in a good quality camera to capture some of the best scenery in the world.

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Obvious things are important too! You need decent walking boots to avoid having to strap them up with gaffa tape!
Make it to the top trouble-free by packing your trekking essentials

For more handy tips for your trekking adventure contact our Trekking Manager, Jon at [email protected] or visit our trekking website.

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