Medical Work

Getting medical work experience abroad is a great way to contribute your skills overseas to get a different view of the medical systems around the world. Doing a medical internship can also improve your university application and strengthen your degree in medicine.

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Romania - Medical Internship in Romania

Medical Internship in Romania

Gain valuable medical experience working with a mobile medical unit, travelling around homes in and around Brasov city. Work closely with the nurses visiting patients for basic health check-ups, wound dressings and general health care.

Opportunities also exist working in a children’s hospital in the centre of Brasov. Here you will work closely with children on a ward, helping with play therapy and basic care.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see medical work in action and gain genuine medicine work experience – as well as gaining an insight into traditional Romanian life.

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Tanzania - Medical Internship in Tanzania

Medical Internship in Tanzania

Gain valuable work experience as a volunteer shadowing doctors and nurses in a District Hospital. Get involved on a variety of wards and with a variety of patients for a great hands-on medical experience.

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