Tours are a great way to explore a country in a time-frame that suits you. A perfect tour combines must-see, famous sites with hidden gems. We ensure that our tours are brimming with breathtaking views, lots of culture and quirky and exciting activities that will provide you with memories of a lifetime.

Thailand - 12-day backpacking tour of Thailand and Laos

12-day backpacking tour of Thailand and Laos

See the very best of South East Asia on this affordable 12-day backpacking tour of Thailand and Laos. As well as the must-see highlights, spend time exploring the less-known parts of these amazing countries. Jam-packed with activities, there is something for every type of traveller.

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China - Backpacking tour of China

Backpacking tour of China

China is mind-blowing. The vast country is bursting with adventure, history, culture and beauty. Due to its incredible size and its varied inhabitants, China never fails to impress. Whether you are new to China or not, this tour is a great way to see the iconic sites of this exciting country.

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Japan - 13 day backpacking tour of Japan

13 day backpacking tour of Japan

Japan is a must-see destination! Mixing modern cities, traditional cultures and stunning views, Japan is jam packed with things to see. Known for being an expensive destination, this 13 day adventure gives you the opportunity to see all of the iconic sites and experience life off the beaten track on this affordable tour of Japan!

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Why go on a tour?

Tours are a fantastic, cost-effective approach to exploring a new country. Perfect for solo travellers and groups alike – it is a great way to meet others to share the trip of a lifetime with. The greatest highlight of any tour is the expert guide that will lead you. Guides know their countries in great depth and they are passionate about sharing this knowledge with you.

Time is valuable! Tours give you a clear itinerary, cutting out the hours of planning and preparation. You can maximise your time and minimise your stress by allowing someone else to guide you. Guides source the best adventure so you can enjoy your time abroad. Tours also cut out unforeseen cost, which helps you to budget for your trip.

On a tour, you are part of a group, so not only will you get to spend time in a new country, but you can also meet people from all around the world, who share your love of travel. This means travel is safer and more fun!

Everyone has their own interests and that is why our tours provide optional activities and plenty of downtime and choice so that you can ensure that you get the most our of your tour abroad.