Explore the mysteries of India

When travellers first tell stories of their time in India, they speak of the bustling streets and the pandemonium of the cities. The streets provide an incredible sensory overload: beeping horns, groups chatting in the street, spices wafting from open fires and coloured material of all types. No two roads are the same. Each corner reveals a new surprise to absorb. The number of people living in these urban areas is unbelievable and the architectural endeavours and business enterprises is progressing the country at phenomenal speed, making India an exhilarating and innovative place to visit.

Those who travel out of the cities, away from the lively tourist hotspots, like Agra, Delhi and Mumbai, are rewarded with a startling contrast. India’s countryside provides a peaceful landscape of rolling hills, rice fields and small, welcoming villages. Cruising down the river in a traditional wooden houseboat is a fantastic way of seeing the landscape comfortably.

Looking for some sunshine? Travel to the coast, where the golden sands stretch out for miles as fishing boats bob on the horizon.

If you feel more active, India does not disappoint. You can trek or white water raft in the Himalayan valleys. See some of India’s most captivating views and observe the Tibetan influence in the local villages. It is a perfect place to escape the stresses of modern living. With any trip to India, it is important to leave time to just let it all soak in.

There is nowhere quite like India; It is a country overflowing with adventure – even for the most intrepid traveller.

By choosing to spend part of your gap year in India, you will get to experience all that this country offers and, in time, truly get under the skin of the country, seeing it not just as a tourist but from a local’s perspective.

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