Looking for a breath of fresh air? Look no further than Austria. With so many mountains, Austria is an adventurer’s paradise in both summer and winter. Lush green valleys, crystal clear lakes and world-famous ski-resorts, all make Austria a perfect getaway for travellers looking for excitement and beauty.

Ski instructor course in Austria with guaranteed job

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Ski instructor course in Austria with guaranteed job

Austria boasts some the most stunning and loved European scenery. From the moment Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp family danced across the screen, Austria has been famous for its alpine forests, vibrant green hills and fresh blue skies. In the summer, the rolling landscape is perfect for hiking, cycling and rafting. There is no shortage of adventures and there are plenty of opportunities to go off the beaten-track.

Prefer winter sports? Strap on your skis and snowboards and head to the iconic snowy Alps. Our ski programme begins in Zell am See-Kaprun for training. This area is split into 3 fantastic resorts, with powder snow from October, and has the biggest superpipe in Austria!

Landlocked and surrounded by 8 countries, Austria is in Central Europe and influences from its neighbours can clearly be seen in the cuisine. Tuck into Hungarian goulash, French crepes or German schnitzels – all served with an Austrian twist. German is the official language in Austria, but there are also plenty of people who speak Croatian, Hungarian and Slovene. Austria is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and this is reflected in the vibrancy of the cities and the ever-evolving architecture.

For those looking for culture, Austria doesn’t disappoint. The capital, Vienna, is steeped in Baroque architecture and imperial palaces. Home to Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss, the impressive city continues to showcase its legacy as the ‘City of Music’ with its annual music festivals. Not to be outdone by Vienna, Salzburg is also a city that thousands of travellers flock to each year. Burrowed into the hills, the old town still retains its idyllic charm and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Those heading for a ski season with Oyster, will travel into this beautiful city.