Volunteer with elephants

Volunteering abroad with elephants is a life-changing experience. Whether you choose to work hands-on with these gentle giants, or opt to work in stunning wilderness areas to help them remain living in the wild, you will find that there is no experience out there quite like witnessing elephants. Our projects are hand-picked to allow you to work in elephant conservation, elephant research or elephant care. Volunteering with elephants allows you to not only make a genuine contribution to their welfare, but to get to know and understand these amazing creatures.

Thailand - Elephant sanctuary volunteering in Thailand

Elephant sanctuary volunteering in Thailand

Join an international team of volunteers who are working together to care for rescued elephants in an inspirational sanctuary. Together you will be helping these elephants to have a life as close to the wild as possible, a far cry from their previous lives working on the streets or in tourist camps. Highlights include bathing and walking the elephants, allowing you to really get to know these gentle giants.

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Laos - Volunteer with elephants in Laos

Volunteer with elephants in Laos

Live with elephants in a beautiful lakeside rescue centre, surrounded by sprawling jungle and jagged mountains, and help to protect these endangered creatures. Work with elephants that have been rescued from the demanding logging industry, and witness baby elephants being cared for in the on-site elephant nursery. The elephant population in Laos, once known as the “Land of a Million Elephants”, is plummeting, and you can be part of the solution to this tragic problem.

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Sri Lanka - Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka

Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka

Step far off the trodden tourist trails and deep into stunning Sri Lanka, where elephants are still clinging on to life in the wild. Work closely with the local community to help promote the survival of the endangered Asian elephant, all whilst enjoying seeing these creatures roam in their natural habitat – a rare wonder.

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South Africa - Volunteer with elephants in South Africa

Volunteer with elephants in South Africa

Become part of an elephant research team, monitoring these gentle giants in their daily lives together. The project is located in a beautiful park, where you will be working closely with orphaned elephants as they recover from previous trauma and stress. In your free time, explore the stunning Garden Route and immerse yourself fully in this wonderful corner of Africa.

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Namibia - Elephant conservation volunteering in Namibia

Elephant conservation volunteering in Namibia

Experience rare desert elephants in the wild, helping these endangered animals and rural communities to co-exist in harmony. Enjoy all that desert life brings, from cooking over camp fires to sleeping under the stars, and throw yourself into the volunteer role, which includes tracking elephants, doing building projects and helping the local community.

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Thailand - Elephant conservation in Thailand

Elephant conservation in Thailand

Come together with a remote Karen community to enable elephants to return to the wild after a lifetime of working in the tourist industry. Experience the joy of seeing these elephants learn how to live in their natural habitat, monitoring the progress that they are making. Live in home stays alongside local people, properly immersing yourself in this hill tribe community.

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Volunteering with elephants overseas

Volunteering with elephants overseas is a life-changing experience. You will have the amazing opportunity to help elephants in a variety of locations around the world, including Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, Laos and Namibia. In some destinations, elephants are lucky enough to still be living in the wild, and the projects focus on helping to conserve and protect the elephants in their natural habitats. In other countries, elephants have been rescued from tourist attractions and are being cared for in an environment as close to the wild as possible. Joining a volunteer project abroad with elephants means that you can get great work experience, learn so much about elephants and make a genuine contribution to their welfare. You will contribute directly to important research or to helping to care for these gentle giants. These volunteer projects with elephants will enhance your CV for future job prospects, as well as giving you an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity.