“We felt so well looked after. Transport was easy to and from the airport (which I’m sure many people worry about)! We never felt like a burden to Razvan our rep, he was so welcoming and friendly. I knew if I had any questions pre-trip Anne would be there to answer them, and during/post trip she has provided excellent customer care. I recommended the company to friends and family for if they want to do something similar.”

Caitlin, Romania bears

“Going away with Oyster ultimately changed my life and led me to be a much happier and more confident person in both my work and home life. It was a big deal for me and the Oyster team were so friendly and helpful that you put me completely at ease.”

Niamh, volunteer with monkeys and elephants

“You have been such a great help and made me feel confident and made me feel that I’m well prepared and able to do this alone knowing that there is such a great team of people around me to help and support me. Again thank you so much for your time and patience. Soooo looking forward to this. Who knows, maybe it’s the beginning of many experiences like this!!”

Angie, Romania Bears

Anything we should have told you before departure? “I was so well prepared by Oyster that I can’t think of anything!”

Emily, Tremblant summer

“It felt great to feel that we were making some kind of impact on saving an endangered species and it was an unforgettable and incredible experience. Thank you so much for all your unbelievable help in the run-up to my trip out, it was simply the most amazing experience.”

Alec, volunteer with turtles

“I had the trip of a lifetime. This is an amazing, so lovely and friendly. Thank you for all that you did for me prior to my departure. I will be recommending Oyster to everybody I know!”

Tayah, sports coaching volunteer

”My time in Tanzania with Oyster has changed my life. Tanzania is an amazing country with beautiful people and a beautiful culture. I would recommend anyone to get out of their comfort zone and go to Tanzania, 3 months may seem daunting but the time flies by- I wish I could have done it for longer!”

Fiona, Tanzania teaching and childcare volunteer

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the help over the past winter season in Whistler. I had an absolutely unforgettable experience.”

Laura, Whistler Kids Ski Instructor

“I went to Nepal through Oyster, and had an amazing time – I loved volunteer teaching, and the host family I stayed with. The in-country staff were all wonderful people, and proved to be really good resources if we ever needed help. I’m so glad I took time off to travel with this program; it was unforgettable.”

Emilyann, Nepal teaching volunteer


For more reviews of our projects see our project reviews section.

We also welcome contact from the parents of gap year students that go away with us. See parents reviews for more information.

We are always in contact with our project partners and representatives in-country for project feedback. Clear communication with everyone involved helps make sure that our participants feel well-prepared, well supported and excited about their trip.

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