Find out what Oyster volunteers have said in these reviews of the wildlife sanctuary in Thailand:


A group of volunteers laugh and chat as they hose out an enclosure“Everything went very well, the staff were great and of course the elephant experience was second to none! Daily work was hard, especially “harvest” but very worthwhile. Transfer from Bangkok was faultless and driver v. friendly. Accomodation was fine: we were expecting basic, but had own bathroom which was great. Lots of v. useful info on My Oyster system, this helped us prepare properly. Katie was very welcoming and the tour on day 1 was fascinating, as was hearing from the founder (Edwin). Project staff were great and v approachable. Highlight has to be feeding/showing elephants! Preparing their “enrichments” was fun too. Waking up to the sound of birds and monkeys was unreal. Dogs that live on site were v sweet. Many of the volunteers are young, don’t worry about age gap…just throw yourselves into it…feeding elephants before breakfast is great, even if it is an early start! Take lots of mosquito repellant! Treat even small scratches with antiseptic cream to prevent infection …pharmacies can sell antibiotics over the counter if needed. The village has a couple of places selling nice coffee! Go on the trip to the bat cave + market: The bats are extraordinary. Take lots of photos! It’s given our daughter some gap year ideas…many of the volunteers are on a gap year travelling around SE Asia. And interesting to talk to about their experiences. Made us think about going back to that part of the world next year!”

James, 2 weeks August 2023

An elephant grazes in the sanctuary in Thailand“My first week was really eventful, there is a lot to learn and everyday it’s something new. I am very happy here, the project is fun, the people are nice and it’s all very well organised. We are in hot season, which makes it hard for humans and animals, but fortunately we work a lot in the shade and make sure we stay hydrated. Waking up to the sounds of the animals and getting to know them is amazing. All in all exactly the type of thing I was looking for. Kind regards from Thailand! ”

Franzi, 4 weeks March 2023


“I’m enjoying my time here at the sanctuary. The first week I worked in the wildlife area. The mornings are full on with the food prep etc but it’s great once you get to know the routines. It’s a treat to see all the different animals. The overall leaders are very passionate & enthusiastic about all their animals & they run a tight ship. The rooms, facilities & food are basic but it’s all good! ”

Patrick, 2 weeks March 2023


The feet of an adult elephant are huge“It’s amazing here and thoroughly enjoying every minute of my experience! All the coordinators are welcoming and friendly and I get on well with them. Great getting to meet people from all over the world as there is so many people here to chat too. Can’t wait to see what the next weeks bring.”

Rhianne, 12 weeks January 2020

A volunteer takes an elephant for a walk“It’s been amazing here, wildlife was really hard work in all honesty, very rewarding seeing an outrageous array of animals. Have fallen in love with the otters, the cassowary Bernie and the not so micro pigs! Just started the Elephant side and it’s truly amazing. Truly amazing trip.”

Tom, 2 weeks August 2019

A mother elephant with her baby“I’m very well, quite tired but really enjoying my time here! Had a great first week, I love working with the animals, especially the bears and I also like quarantine. Looking forward to working with the elephants as well but I am very glad I’m doing 2 weeks of wildlife.”

Amelie, 3 weeks July 2019

Sun bears in their new home at the wildlife sanctuary in Thailand“Thanks so much for all your help. You have been amazing with the supportive emails and phone calls”

Will, 4 weeks April 2019

A rescued animal in Thailand enjoys some watermelon“I’m having a great time. The first 2 weeks I was at wildlife which was hard work but fun. This week I started at elephants which has a slower pace. I love how close we can get to some of the elephants. The mahouts just open the door of the enclosure and the elephant walks out and comes to you for food. Everyone is very nice and there is a great ambiance. The first week I thought 6 weeks here might be long but as soon as you get used to the rhythm time flies. ”

Rosalie, 6 weeks April 2019

“Oh my goodness. I had the time of my life… I miss the animals sooo much right now. I’m not mad to be home, it’s kind of nice to be back in my own bed and to see my dog again but I definitely could’ve stayed way longer! I loved Thailand so so much. I’m so happy with the trip. I will definitely go back to both the country and the sanctuary!”

Miranda, 3 weeks February 2019


wildlife“They were extremely helpful with any questions that I had. They also managed to find a very last minute place for my friend on elephants, even when they said they were full which was very kind of them. I had the time of my life and would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Megan, 2 weeks June 2018

A volunteer at the wildlife sanctuary in Thailand takes a rescued elephant for a walk

“Wow! That is all I can say. This place is a true animal sanctuary and I will definitely go back and continue to do similar trips related to animal welfare in other places too. The work here is no joke: it was all hard work, long days and not much free time but in the end all the work that is done is strictly for the animals. I have bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes but it has all been worth it! I must say that I have never had such a fulfilling vacation.”

Tabitha, 4 weeks December 2017

thailand“Never would of expected to of done anything like the project we did being able walk,feed and clean elephants was a fantastic experience it felt like we were actually doing something good instead of watching them from behind a fence and taking a few photos. Keep up the good work couldn’t recommend Oyster enough”

Adam, 1 week November 2017

Tiger at wildlife centre in Thailand“Volunteering in Thailand was one of my favorite things I’ve done in my whole life! The people I met were wonderful and getting the chance to work with all of the different animals was amazing. I am very happy with the experience – 10 out of 10!”

Erica, 2 weeks September 2017

Warthog at the wildlife sanctuary in Thailand“Everyone at Oyster that I spoke to were friendly and helpful in answering all my questions no matter how big or small they seemed. All the information I received in your welcome back was accurate and informative; there’s nothing I can think of that I needed but didn’t bring. I was very pleased with the communication aspect of booking through Oyster and I would not hesitate to book through them again!”

Holly, 3 weeks August 2017

thailand wildlife conservation iguana“I quickly got into a good routine and the people there are just awesome. From the staff to the other volunteers I feel very lucky to have shared my time there with some great people whom I had a lot of fun spending time with. I think next year I will probably do another volunteer trip so might be back in touch over another project!”

Stuart, 2 weeks June 2017

“My experience to Thailand and the sanctuary was more than I have expected it to be and all the people was friendly and very helpful. I would recommend oyster for friends and family”

Lexi, 3 weeks April 2017


volunteering at a sanctuary in Thailand“I am so grateful for this experience!! It was the best thing I have done yet and has opened my eyes to great opportunities – I would love to go back someday. I am missing Thailand very much, and am even considering going back next year if I could. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out with the process, you and the Oyster team were extremely helpful!”

Karla, 3 weeks April 2017

wildlife volunteering in Thailand“I had a wonderful time! I’m not going to lie, it was VERY hard work and, in 30+ degree heat, I may not have totally appreciated just how challenging the time there would be, but it was such a humbling and grounding experience. I had no idea how much I could achieve in a day!! Being around animals and submerged in nature was absolutely incredible. Although there was a strict hands-off policy for the majority of the animals (which is absolutely right) it was just an incredible experience! Thank you Oyster for a life changing trip!”

Sarah, 4 weeks Feb 2017

Thailand wildlife volunteering“It was amazing! I am missing the project already and will definitely be going back 🙂 Thanks for helping me to have an amazing trip! Oyster were very helpful and it is good to know you have that support with you when travelling by yourself. In March and April, it is the hot season, so be prepared for very hot days! Enjoy every moment of it, and get stuck into everything, you will not regret it! It can be hard work, but it is very rewarding to see the elephants and other wildlife so happy.”

Emma, 6 weeks March 2017

web“I really enjoyed my stay and work! Even though it was pretty exhausting sometimes, I really liked all the different tasks, working in nature the whole day, and being so close to such interesting animals. The people, especially the staff, were really nice and open to every question 🙂 Thank you very much for organising and supporting me before and during my trip! I had a great time.”

Maria, 4 weeks October 2016

web“The experience has been fantastic so far. A lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun, and I’ve met some great people. Working with elephants is just amazing, I love them to pieces. They are such an intelligent animals. I am very happy that I decided to volunteer and am taking part in this project.”

Ania, 2 weeks September 2016

web“My trip was actually amazing! It was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I definitely want to go back next year or some other time.”

Nicholas, 5 weeks March 2016

highlights“It was great to meet so many interesting volunteers from many countries, and there was a good social atmosphere around the centre. The meals provided by the centre were very tasty and plentiful.Volunteers are divided up daily into many small groups and assigned their specific animals to look after. Although the working days start early and are quite long, there are plenty of breaks during the day. Volunteers get one free day each week, and the staff organise various trips to beaches, spas and parks in the region.”

Colin, 2 weeks February 2016

Web 2

“Everything about the project was amazing. Everybody has a keen and genuine interest in animal welfare, and they want to make a difference as well. Meeting others from all over the world, of various ages, with a real passion for animals and helping, is such an eyeopener, and a great change from the attitudes at home.”

Shelley, 2 weeks February 2016

FB_IMG_1450779097311“The five weeks at the wildlife sanctuary in Thailand were one of the highlights of my trip! It’s such a fantastic place. I absolutely enjoyed my stay there. Working with other people from all over the world with the same passion, and taking care of all the animals was just an unbelievable experience and I learned so much.”

Marcel, 5 weeks August 2015

Wildlife volunteering“My time was amazing – it was both what I expected and not, at the same time. It was such a good experience – the work was hard and tiring, but it was nice to meet so many people you can relate to in terms of having a passion for travelling and animals. I loved doing the work with the animals – I learned a lot whilst being there. I can’t wait to do something like it again.”

Cara, 2 weeks August 2015

“Thank youThailand Wildlife so much to you and the Oyster team. I never would have done something like this so soon (or so smoothly I imagine!) without your help. I’ve actually been looking into your other programmes with excitement as well – I will most definitely be using you guys again.”

Ellie, 3 weeks June 2015

Volunteer with wildlife in Thailand“The time we had on the sanctuary was brilliant. All the staff were really friendly and helped out wherever they could. It was so good how interactive you were with the elephants, and you really got to know their personalities. Everything went so well and smoothly, and I’m definitely planning on coming back whenever I can.”

Sarah, 2 weeks June 2015

Explore the stunning beaches near the wildlife sanctuary in Thailand during your time off“The trip was absolutely fantastic and I had the best time. The staff and volunteers really made it for me, and working with the animals was amazing. It really was a great experience and I’ll treasure the memories for my lifetime. Thank you so much for your help and support in organising this. I’d definitely consider doing it again!!”

Karen, 3 weeks April 2015

Enjoy seeing some unusual animals at the wildlife sanctuary in Thailand“Working with the animals was amazing. Meeting all the other travellers was really great, too. Don’t expect to know everything from the start. You slowly get into all the routines and tasks that you have to do during the day. The coordinators are very helpful if you go to them and ask for help. And have fun! Enjoy every moment of it. Thanks for everything. It has truly been amazing.”

Emma, 2 weeks January 2015

Volunteer with wildlife in Thailand“I have had an amazing trip. Thank you so much for helping me organise it. I absolutely loved it! I would have extended my trip if I was able to. It was rewarding work in an amazing place. Extremely rewarding and eye-opening. I loved every second.”

Zoe, 8 weeks September 2014

“My time at theWildlife volunteering in Thailand centre was fantastic! The animals were incredible, time really flew by… ”

Ollie, 4 weeks May 2014


Volunteer with wildlife in Thailand“I’m definitely going through adventure withdrawal. It’s so quiet back home with no gibbons or dogs, but I actually kind of miss it. My time in Thailand was wonderful. Getting to wash an elephant was a real highlight. It’s so much more exciting and fulfilling than just going on holiday.”

Brooke, 4 weeks January 2014

Volunteer with wildlife in Thailand“3 months is going to be tough but worth it! So far I’ve cared for (lots of) langur monkeys, cassowary bird, tortoises, dogs, cats, and multiple types of monkeys in quarantine (^_^) I’m looking forward to working with the sun bears and leopard cats!”

Phil, 12 weeks September 2013

Volunteer with wildlife in Thailand“It was difficult to adjust at first as I had to think on my feet, but this forced me to develop quick thinking skills which are absolutely invaluable in life. Highlights included meeting people from all over the world and learning about different cultures. Also being able to work in such close proximity to exotic animals. Thank you for giving me this awesome opportunity – you’ve been so reliable and consistent.”

Tessa, 3 weeks July 2013

Volunteer with wildlife in Thailand“My first days here have been really good. On Monday and Tuesday I worked with the bears, and yesterday with the monkeys – but I prefer bears!! Today I’m the leader of the team of the bears – I am so happy here.”

Stellio, 3 weeks June 2013

Volunteering with wildlife in Thailand“I wanted to let you know that my first week in Thailand is almost over, and I really wanted to take the time to thank you for helping organize this amazing trip! It is such an incredible experience and opportunity. I am very grateful! Thank you!”

Maxine, 4 weeks June 2013

Volunteering with wildlife in Thailand“Today I am working with the bears and cleaning out the turtles. Sarah is working with the primates and cleaning out the awesome otter! The people here are all legends and made us both feel so welcome! It’s awesome here!”

Joe and Sarah, 3 weeks April 2013

Volunteering with wildlife in Thailand“It was an amazing experience working with the animals and meeting great people from around the world. I loved working with the gibbons the most. Other people should do this to learn about these creatures and help them rehabilitate.”

Melanie, 2 weeks January 2013

For more information on volunteering with wildlife in Thailand, have a look at our wildlife sanctuary volunteering page.

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    1. Hi Patti, thanks for your message. No this is a wildlife sanctuary home to about 400 rescued animals such as sun bears, gibbons, macaques, elephants, monkeys etc 🙂 I hope that helps!

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