Head for the sunshine in a “Land Down Under”

For those searching for opportunities in gap year travel, Australia has it all.  This easy to travel country is home to people who adopt the ‘no worries’ attitude to life. There is always someone who is willing to help out a traveller, neighbour or friend, celebrating the true meaning of the term, ‘mate-ship’.

This country is about 32 times bigger than the United Kingdom. This obviously means there is a lot to see and do whilst you work or volunteer in Australia! The width of the country expands the same distance as from London to Moscow, the largest farm is bigger than Belgium, and the most interesting thing is that 85% of the population live within 50km of the coast!

Work abroad in Australia on a gap year program

Our gap year programmes and career break options give you a full year for travelling in Australia so you are able to experience the iconic sites such as Ayers Rock or the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is with money in your pocket following our help with finding a paid job in Australia.

The cities are energetic, animated and exciting, and very welcoming towards international travellers and workers alike. You can choose to work in Sydney and earn enough money to fund a great social life, or further travel by working in bars, restaurants, shops, offices or factories. The cost of living will be met by a well paid job.

In complete contrast, work in the iconic Australian Outback that covers almost the entire country. Here the skies are blue, the earth is red and wildlife comparable to nowhere else on the planet.  This programme offers an excellent chance to earn a good wage with food, accommodation and other expenses included with your job. Ranch work in Australia is the best way to see how the real Aussies live!

For somewhere in between and those who are horse lovers, head to a beautiful rural location to work in a professional stud with horses. With accommodation, some food and usually the use of vehicles, this job will ensure you have plenty of money in your pocket afterwards. Travel to polo games and yearling prep sales and see the country whilst getting paid for it!

With a number of gap year programs in Australia, we are confident that we have something to offer you! For more information about the country, check out our quick facts for first time travellers to Australia.

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