Australia is a haven for travellers and people looking to work abroad. With vast open landscapes, warm friendly people, incredible natural wonders and a great lifestyle, it is an exciting place to work, volunteer and travel. Get paid to work on a farm in the Outback, find a paid job in Sydney or be a conservation volunteer in one of the many stunning locations around the country.


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Projects in Australia

Surf Development Course in Australia

Farm work in Australia

Work in Sydney and Explore Australia

Conservation Volunteering in Australia

Follow in the footsteps of adventurers into a land Down Under

When you think of Australia your mind wanders to sunny weather, barbies on the beach, clear blue water and freely flowing ice cold beers. There is something to suit everyone from the rugged Outback to the buzzing cities and the breathtakingly beautiful coastline.

Australia has been attracting young travellers looking for work and adventure for years. The cities are vibrant, young and exciting- and to top it all, they welcome international workers who want to join in. You can earn enough money to fund a great lifestyle, getting work in bars, restaurants, shops and offices.

Offering a complete contrast to the city lifestyle is the iconic Outback, the vast farmland and desert that covers all but the coast. Here the skies are blue, the earth is red and the geology and wildlife is somewhere in between. Working here is an adventure like none other, far off the beaten track and into the heart of the country. You can earn an excellent wage and, as your accommodation and food are included with your job, the savings soon pile up to allow you to travel the rest of the country afterwards.

In between these dramatic extremes the country boasts startling gorges, vast expanses of national park, beaches as far as the eye can see- and some incredibly appealing wildlife! Who isn’t intrigued by kangaroos, koalas and the infamous Tasmanian Devil?

Country highlights

  • Beautiful weather and incredible beaches.
  • The cosmopolitan city of Sydney; a mecca for backpackers and Aussies alike.
  • Waters that boast top class scuba diving, surfing and swimming.
  • A huge diversity of amazing landscapes and ecosystems, including deserts, coral reefs, snow covered mountains, dazzling coastlines and vibrant cities.
  • Some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world.

Why Choose Oyster?

  • Projects established in 2008
  • Great job hunting help, with a guaranteed job on the farm work programme!
  • A diverse range of paid and unpaid projects around the country
  • Chance to work in Australia for a year