1 - 52 weeks

Horse and City work

Up to 13 day orientation available and 12months job support. For full support opt for the horsemanship plus 8 day welcome package and job set up in Sydney . If you are in country or have your work admin ready to go, no problem! Take the fast track programme straight to the horsemanship course and job to follow.

This is a unique equine experience found nowhere else. A once in a lifetime opportunity for those passionate about horses. Receive a high level of teaching from our very qualified team, who will ‘Australianize’ your existing horse skills and set you up with a professional, paid job in the Australian equine industry.


Get off the beaten track to live on a beautiful Costa Rican beach, protecting the turtles that nest and hatch on the golden sands. Live like a local as you make a genuine contribution to marine conservation.

Live on the wild side and get stuck in to the life of an assistant game ranger on a stunning game reserve, home to Africa’s Big 5. Enjoy the thrills of taking a safari, all whilst helping to promote the survival of African flora and fauna. Experience the lions roaring, elephants trumpeting and antelope running as you work out and about on the reserve each day.

Bears, birds, orangutans, monkeys, gibbons, deer, otters – and much more! – are being cared for by volunteers like you at this inspiring sanctuary on the outskirts of Thailand’s largest national park. Help to look after over 700 neglected animals, rescued from the cruel tourist trade, and brought to this sanctuary to recover. If that isn’t enough of a draw, there is even an on-site elephant sanctuary that you may be able to help at too.

Become part of an elephant research team, monitoring these gentle giants in their daily lives together. The project is located in a beautiful park, where you will be working closely with rescued elephants as they recover from previous trauma and stress. In your free time, explore the stunning Garden Route and immerse yourself fully in this wonderful corner of Africa.

Step off the trodden tourist trail and into the heart of stunning Sri Lanka, where elephants are still clinging on to life in the wild. Work closely with the local community to help promote the survival of the endangered Asian elephant, all whilst enjoying seeing these creatures roam in their natural habitat – a rare wonder.

Head into the heart of Borneo’s rainforest, helping to regenerate habitats and monitor local wildlife. From orangutans to pygmy elephants and from primates to crocodiles, you will be preserving these creatures and their habitat for generations to come. This is a once in a lifetime experience to live in a small remnant of paradise, immersing yourself in a way of life that has all but been forgotten.

Experience the rare desert elephants in the wild, helping these endangered animals and rural communities to co-exist in harmony. Enjoy all that desert life brings, from cooking over camp fires to sleeping under the stars, and throw yourself into the volunteer role, which includes tracking elephants, doing building projects and helping the local community.

Gain unparalleled access to wildlife experts on a Big 5 game reserve, home to some of the most magnificent mammals on this planet. Shadow a vet on their rounds of the on-site rehabilitation centre and get stuck in to the veterinarian’s role on the wider game reserve – from darting animals to doing game captures, from health checks to autopsies.

Help to care for sick and injured animals in game reserves, vet clinics, farms and local communities on a mobile veterinary unit. See some amazing sights, help with some incredible animals and get unrivalled work experience on this internship in South Africa.

From college and university trips to a bunch of mates wanting to travel together, we can work to create the best opportunities for you. Not only that, we also group together special interest travellers – from veterinary students to aspiring doctors, from mature travellers to those passionate about photography.

Want some help with your group booking? Simply send a message to [email protected] and we shall be in touch.

Travelling with friends
Travelling with a group of your friends is a chance to create memories that may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do something that you will look back on in years to come and feel like you’ve achieved something together and bonded along the way.

Special interest groups
Oyster organises various special interest group trips each year, which you can join as an individual or with a friend, to travel with like-minded people. To date, we have organised photography volunteering trips, group trips for over 40’s, teaching groups and skiing groups.

Community groups
We are able to take community youth groups on volunteering projects, including scouts, girl guides, cadets and Young Farmers. Youth groups are a great opportunity for young people to volunteer together, working as a team to benefit another community. We provide overseas group projects which could benefit greatly from a team volunteering for 1-2 weeks, working alongside the locals.

Corporate groups
A great opportunity to travel and give back to communities, volunteer with your colleagues overseas on a project designed for you. In line with CSR requirements, these projects offer an opportunity to engage with a community and work alongside the locals, helping to improve the well-being of the area.

Student group trips
Self-created groups of students are also welcome to journey to one of our group destinations to gain hands-on work experience. University and college students can gain valuable knowledge related to the field of study, so if a group of you from your course are interested in joining one of our projects, do get in touch.

College and university trips
Oyster loves working with colleges and universities to send groups of students overseas. Teachers and lecturers leading the groups will be well supported by Oyster throughout. We can offer work experience trips or rewarding and enriching travel experiences – both of which encourage independence, confidence and an appreciation of the wider world.

For more information about group travel, simply contact us:

[email protected]


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