“Land of the rising sun”

Japan, or Nihon as locals call it, is home to approximately 127 million people! This populous country is brimming with history and culture. Travel to Japan and discover a history that spans back approximately to 10,000 BC. In that time Japan has evolved from a primarily agricultural country to a forerunner on the global stage.

Mt Fuji is the highest point in Japan, reaching a height of 3776m above sea level. On a clear day, the mountain can be seen from as far away as Tokyo.

The primary language, spoken by over 122 million people worldwide, is Japanese, making it the ninth most spoken language in the world. Motor vehicles, computers and other technology are Japan’s top exports and this has led to them being a key player in technological advances worldwide. Famous for their state of the art bullet trains, high speed internet and their top spec toilets, everything runs like clockwork – making it an efficient and easy country to travel to.

Japan is one of the top destinations on the planet for international travellers. With escorted tours of Japan you can discover Japan’s history and rich culture for yourself. Take advantage of our travel advice and we can organise Japan group tours for you, your friends and families.
Many travellers believe the best time to visit Japan is during the springtime, because of the stunning blossom trees. However, Japan tour holidays are amazing all year round.

Winter: snow-capped peaks in the north make Japan a perfect place for snow sport fanatics.

Summer: June and July can be hot with rainy intervals. There is so much going on during the summer, including festivals and the opening of Mount Fuji to keen climbers.

Autumn: the crowds have dispersed making September and October a much calmer time to travel and join a tour in Japan. Typhoons often last only 2 days and once over, the weather is clear with stunning bright blue skies. At this time, the leaves begin to change making this a beautiful time of year to visit.

Sumo wrestling is Japan’s national sport. With a history of over 1500 years, sumo wrestling is taken very seriously in Japan. Wrestlers dedicate their life to their sport, eating and sleeping at a sumobeya (a training stable or centre). Other well loved sports in Japan include baseball, judo and karate.

Explore Japan and head to the vibrant cities to witness cutting edge fashions, innovative cafes and busy streets lit up by neon signs. No tour of Japan is complete without a journey on one of the famous bullet trains. Leave the busy city streets behind you on our Japan itinerary and jump on an efficient bullet train and enter the calm, beautiful countryside. Visit zen gardens and Buddhist temples to meditate, float in the bubbling hot springs or head to mountains to spend time on the snowy peaks. Whether you love history, food or modern culture, Japan is the perfect destination. Why not find out why other travellers love it so much and plan your very own trip to Japan! For more information on our escorted tour, and your next Japan holiday, visit our Japan tour page.

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