Known across the globe for its stunning beaches and vibrant backpacking scene, Thailand has a lot to offer those wanting to get off the beaten track and into the heart of the communities. It’s an ideal destination for people passionate about animals, conservation and stunning landscapes – and our range of projects there will suit almost anyone.

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Projects in Thailand

Elephant conservation in Thailand

Elephant sanctuary volunteering in Thailand

Diving and marine conservation in Thailand

Turtle conservation volunteering in Thailand

Wildlife sanctuary volunteering in Thailand

Volunteer with elephants in Thailand

Gain a TEFL and teach English in Thailand

Get to know the wildlife and people of Thai paradise

Thailand is known worldwide for its friendly and vibrant pace of life. The hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the relaxed and fluid lifestyle of its remote islands, the rugged landscape of the northern mountains and its delicious cuisine throughout the country are all instant draws to Thailand. On top of this, its people are friendly, charming and many speak English to a good standard. With a good public transport system, a way of life that is so appealing and a tropical heat, Thailand has really hit the map for gap year travellers, career breakers and those who are simply enjoying a few weeks of holiday.

Perhaps one of the most endearing parts of Thailand is its balance of old and new, traditional and modern. Despite the sixteen million foreigners that fly to its shores each year, its cultural integrity remains largely undamaged. One of the few Asian nations that staunchly avoided colonisation, it now blends Western influences with its own historical heritage. Whilst huge swathes of the country have been made very accessible to the tourist trail, there is also the opportunity to step off the beaten track and to experience the real backbone of the country. With about 40% of Thai people earning their living from the land, you just need to move slightly off the tourist trail to see farming villages, fishing communities, rubber plantations and Buddhist temples.

Experience this wonderfully diverse and proud nation off the beaten track, either working hard with local communities to preserve and conserve its natural heritage and wildlife, or taking a TEFL course and teaching English in schools.

Country highlights

  • Visit some of Thailand’s most popular coastlines, or get away from the crowds as you head into the beautiful Thai countryside.
  • Experience brilliant Thai hospitality as you immerse yourself in a fascinating new culture.
  • Taste delicious Thai cuisine.
  • Explore a variety of stunning beaches, towering mountains, buzzing cities and beautiful Buddhist temples.

Why Choose Oyster?

  • Oyster has been sending volunteers to Thailand since 2012 on a range of hand-picked and personally visited projects
  • Destination Managers Anne and Roger have spent much time in Thailand, both on the projects as well as doing independent travels
  • A passion for travelling, exploring, living and making a difference

Family friendly volunteering

Family volunteering in Thailand at an elephant sanctuary

Turtle conservation family volunteering in Thailand

Family volunteering in Thailand at a wildlife sanctuary

Family Volunteering with elephants in Thailand