Think of Borneo and you think orangutans. These unmistakeable creatures have become the top highlight for this lush, green and beautiful island. Seeing orangutans in the wild has to be one of the most incredible things that nature-lovers can experience – especially as this is becoming tragically less and less likely. As orangutans’ livelihoods are threatened by logging and palm plantations, the protected swathes of jungle are becoming even more crucial.

Yet Borneo boasts many other wonders than just the “people of the forest”. Winding rivers cut through the jungle and long boats line the edge of these waters. The beaches remain undisturbed and the cities a fascinating jumble of eras.

Whilst everyone knows of Borneo, it is still a relatively undiscovered land. This means that our intrepid volunteers can step off the beaten track and into the heart of conservation, working closely with the locals to maintain the presence of orangutans in this area. Whilst you will certainly make the most of exploring this diverse land, the orangutans will likely remain the constant highlight.

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