Up to 13 nights orientation available and 12months job support.

  • For full support opt for the horsemanship plus 8 day welcome package and job set up in Sydney .
  • If you are in country or have your work admin ready to go, no problem! Take the fast track 8 night programme on the horsemanship course and job to follow.

This is a unique equine experience for paid work abroad found nowhere else. A once in a lifetime opportunity for those passionate about horses. Receive a high level of teaching from our very qualified team, who will ‘Australianize’ your existing horse skills and set you up with a professional, paid job in the Australian equine industry.


See the very best of Southeast Asia on this affordable backpacking tour. As well as the must-see highlights, spend time exploring the less-known parts of these amazing countries. Jam-packed with activities, there is something for every type of traveler.

Want to tour Japan without breaking the bank? Join our 13 day adventure which starts in Tokyo and heads west towards Hiroshima. This backpacking Japan tour has been carefully created to ensure that your experience is authentic and unique. You’ll stop at all the hot spots along the way and get to experience all that makes this country so iconic.

China – one of the largest countries in the world – is not only huge, but also diverse. Join our 25-day tour and travel an epic 3,392 miles, taking in the very best that China has to offer. Short on time? Opt for our shorter 16-day backpacking tour instead. This affordable and jam-packed tour of China will take you through spectacular countryside and into the busiest cities in the world.

Discover the North Island’s finest offerings on an unforgettable stain Auckland and a 3-day Bay of Islands Adventure. Witness dolphins and marine wonders, explore the iconic Hole in the Rock on Motukokako Island, and unwind at the serene Otehei Bay and Paihia Beaches. Our Auckland team stands ready to assist, from facilitating essential tasks like setting up bank accounts, tax file numbers, and SIM cards to providing insightful presentations on job hunting. With 12 months of ongoing support for paid work and abundant guidance for your travel endeavours, your journey promises not only employment opportunities but also countless moments of joy and exploration.

Looking to see the best that India offers? Take part in a backpacking tour that will take you to the iconic highlights, as well as taking you to areas that are less explored. Choose to join either the 18-day tour of the north and west or opt for the shorter 13-day north India tour.

Sunny Sydney is the perfect place to live and work for up to a year, with options to extend for two or three years on an amazing work scheme. Start with a fantastic 7-day orientation programme, including visits to local attractions, and receive full support in setting up your admin. Find paid work quickly through our exclusive online job database. Prefer another city? Options to start in Melbourne and Perth are also available!

Taking an adventure travel trip is perfect for people looking for something different. Whether you are on a gap year, taking a career break or simply looking for a holiday with a difference, adventure travel can fit easily into your plans. Adventure travel is about challenging yourself, having fun and embracing the world of opportunities…. so what are you waiting for?

Adventure travel can be active, but it can be relaxed too. For those of you looking to put your body to the test, join a trekking holiday in Nepal, learn to surf in Australia or simply enjoy some of the more daring opportunities on our tours of South East Asia. If you are looking for cultural adventure, you can get involved in one of our varied adventure tours around China, Japan, Thailand or Laos. All tours include exploring, relaxing, culture and community, allowing you to live a real local experience.

We are really excited that intrepid families are increasingly looking for family adventure holidays. Volunteer vacations are perfect for kids of any age and are a great way for families to test themselves and support each other, all the while creating life long memories. Whether you choose to protect turtles in rural Costa Rica or care for monkeys in the bush of South Africa, the adventure begins with the research!

There are lots of tour operators that offer adventure travel holidays. With Oyster you can be sure that you will get the same care and attention on a tour holiday as you would on any of our gap year, responsible travel and career break projects.

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