Teach English Abroad

Oyster offers many opportunities to teach abroad. We have been developing our links with these schools since 2000. We ensure that our teaching jobs and voluntary overseas projects are worthwhile for the school, the local community and you. All our schools have a demand for Native English speaking teachers. It is the perfect opportunity to teach and travel. If you are looking to gain a TESOL or TEFL certificate, look no further, we have plenty of options for you to gain teaching experience overseas.

Nepal - Women’s empowerment volunteering in Nepal

Women’s empowerment volunteering in Nepal

Travel to Pokhara, Nepal and see for yourself why so many travellers fall in love with the stunning landscape. Join an empowerment project that aims to reduce the unemployment gap between men and women in Nepal. Teach local women English and skills that will help to increase their career prospects and self-esteem.

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South Africa - Volunteer with kids in South Africa

Volunteer with kids in South Africa

Bring games, laughter and fun to disadvantaged children in schools or nurseries in some of Port Elizabeth’s poorest townships. Take enthusiasm and ideas to the classroom to get kids passionate about their education and their future – these kids are desperate to learn, and your time as a volunteer will help not only with their studies, but their life chances too.

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Romania - Volunteer with Children in Romania

Volunteer with Children in Romania

Volunteer with vulnerable children in care, bringing love, laughter and hope to these young lives. Our volunteers have described this project as inspiring and meaningful, as the work that is being done will genuinely help to change these children’s lives. Play with the kids, help them improve their English, bring them laughter and most importantly of all, be a friend to them.

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Laos - Volunteer teaching with monks in Laos

Volunteer teaching with monks in Laos

Volunteer in Laos, teaching young Buddhist monks in beautiful Luang Prabang, a UNESCO Heritage town. Live and experience day-to-day life in an exciting, culturally rich town, next to the Mekong River. Work with young, novice monks and help them to improve their English, helping them to improve the employability in the future. By giving back to the community, gain a privileged insight into the Buddhist religion.

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Chile - Volunteer as a teacher in Chile

Volunteer as a teacher in Chile

This is one of our best and longest running projects. Set up in 2002, the project was created to allow full Spanish immersion while volunteers teach in Chile. Volunteer English teachers help in local schools in Coyhaique. This project is particularly popular with people looking to learn Spanish and for those seeking an adventure in Patagonia – a remote and stunning destination in Latin America.

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Nepal - Volunteer as a teacher in Nepal

Volunteer as a teacher in Nepal

Volunteer in Pokhara in Nepal, a city surrounded by the Annapurna mountain range and plenty of stunning lakes. Gain a unique insight into this amazing country and step off the tourist route by living with a host family and working in local schools.

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Brazil - Volunteer at a youth center in Brazil

Volunteer at a youth center in Brazil

Join Oyster’s well respected youth center project in Brazil, Latin America’s largest and most extrovert nation and learn Portuguese. An immensely enjoyable volunteer position participating and helping in youth center activities ranging from cooking, dance and conversational English. Oyster seek volunteers who are motivated, selfless and willing to get involved for this challenging but fulfilling project.

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Thailand - Gain a TESOL and teach English in Thailand

Gain a TESOL and teach English in Thailand

Gain a TESOL/TEFL and teach English in Thailand. Join one of our 120-hour courses in Hua Hin or Chiang Mai, helping to prepare you for a well-paid teaching job for 4-6 months.

If you want to spend time in the ‘Land of Smiles’, why not earn a TESOL and teach English in Thailand? The course is delivered by an experienced course leader (and a native English speaker). With such extensive knowledge and enthusiasm, it is hard not to feel passionate about teaching abroad.

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Laos - Women’s empowerment volunteering in Laos

Women’s empowerment volunteering in Laos

Live in a stunning city, nestled in a valley between the Mekong River and majestic mountains and become part of a inviting and intriguing community.  This is a fulfilling program for volunteers looking to join a movement that aims to increase disadvantaged women’s access to education, helping to boost their future employability.

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Why volunteer as a teacher?

Working as a volunteer teacher is an extremely fulfilling way to spend your gap year abroad or career break. Children are full of energy and see the world from unique perspective – making each day different and exciting. If you are looking for English teaching opportunities and considering becoming a teacher, volunteering abroad is a fantastic way for you to gain valuable work experience. There is no better way to learn about a country than to live and work as a local community teacher. You will develop your teaching skills, help others to develop conversational English and in some countries, develop your own foreign language ability.

At Oyster, we believe that it is important that the schools that we work with benefit from having native English and fluent English speaking volunteers. As a volunteer teacher, you will be provided with a full briefing, maximising the impact you can make teaching abroad. No previous teaching experience is required. There are plenty of volunteer English teacher positions across the globe. Teach English in Asia, South America and Africa.

For those looking to be paid to teach in a school abroad or an internationally recognised and accredited TESOL or TEFL certificate, speak to the team or look at our TEFL jobs page. We offer TESOL training in Thailand.

If you want to be paid to teach English abroad then you will need to be a native English speaker with a BA degree. If you do not have a degree, why not join our teaching internship in China.

For more information about how we select our childcare programmes and support our volunteers, read our child protection and safeguarding policies.

You can also read more about how teaching on your gap year can help develop your professional skills.