Veterinary Experience

Get some hands-on experience in veterinary work, animal care and animal management, all of which will increase your knowledge of working closely with animals. Through either volunteering in a project where you can take part in veterinary techniques or by getting involved in our veterinary internship, this is a fantastic way to broaden your CV as well as your experience.

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Romania - Volunteer with Bears in Romania

Volunteer with Bears in Romania

Help protect and conserve the world’s most beloved animal in Eastern Europe’s largest bear sanctuary. These abused bears have been given a new start in life and you can play a vital part in their rehabilitation. Enjoy seeing the bears frolic in their newfound freedom, and get busy taking care of their basic needs in this tranquil haven.

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South Africa - Veterinary experience in South Africa

Veterinary experience in South Africa

Immerse yourself in the life of a vet on a Big 5 game reserve, shadowing a vet and other wildlife specialists getting hands-on in basic care. Get to grips with checking on the health and well being of the animals, all whilst living in the heart of a lush reserve home to hundreds of species of animals. This experience is fantastic for those looking to learn more about living and working on a game reserve in a veterinary capacity.

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Thailand - Wildlife sanctuary volunteering in Thailand

Wildlife sanctuary volunteering in Thailand

Help, preserve and protect over 400 neglected animals at this wildlife haven. Become part of an important mission to rescue wild animals from neglect and abuse, giving them a home in this amazing sanctuary, or even back in the wild. From bears to birds, from monkeys to gibbons, you will make a valuable contribution to this moving venture.

Also on site at the sanctuary is an elephant refuge with limited space for volunteers. As part of your project we shall endeavour to arrange at least one week for you to help with these mistreated gentle giants.

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Ecuador - Wildlife sanctuary volunteering in Ecuador

Wildlife sanctuary volunteering in Ecuador

Walk into the wilderness and help to care for rescued wildlife in this inspiring sanctuary located on the edge of the Amazon rain forest. Work with over 200 animals from monkeys to forest cats, from birds to caimans, from tortoises to rodents, and much more. You will see these mistreated animals fully enjoying their new life in this wildlife haven, and be able to contribute to this ongoing venture.

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South Africa - Veterinary internship in South Africa

Veterinary internship in South Africa

Live the life of a mobile vet on this veterinary internship in South Africa. On the move between game reserves, farms and veterinary clinics you will gain a valuable insight into veterinary work abroad in a developing country. Explore the beautiful Eastern Cape whilst helping to improve the welfare of the animals living both in the wild, on farms and within disadvantaged communities.

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South Africa - Volunteer with lions in South Africa

Volunteer with lions in South Africa

Volunteer with the King of the Beasts in South Africa’s largest big cat sanctuary. Help to return these neglected and abused cats to the life of pride and majesty that they deserve in the rolling African plains. With plenty of lions, tigers, cheetahs and leopards, this is a cat lover’s paradise!

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Hands-on experience looking after animals

If you love animals and are thinking about a future career in veterinary work or animal care, then we have projects that are perfect for you. Oyster offers internship programmes in South Africa that are designed to give you a hands on experience in treating and working with a range of exotic animals on game reserves, farms and clinics. This is a fantastic way to make a genuine contribution to animal welfare, whilst improving your own veterinary knowledge and enhancing your C.V. In addition to this, you will get the chance to live and travel in some of the most exciting locations in Africa. You will get to know the locals, make new friends, and obtain great practical and theoretical experience to set you up for study!