Get hands-on with hundreds of monkeys and baboons in the world’s largest primate rehabilitation centre – prepare for plenty of monkey hugs! Become a surrogate parent to these mistreated and orphaned animals, helping them on their journey to a new life back in the wild.
Minimum duration 10 days.

Gain unparalleled access to wildlife experts on a Big 5 game reserve, home to some of the most magnificent mammals on this planet. Shadow a vet on their rounds of the on-site rehabilitation centre and get stuck in to the veterinarian’s role on the wider game reserve – from darting animals to doing game captures, from health checks to autopsies.

Help to care for sick and injured animals in game reserves, vet clinics, farms and local communities on a mobile veterinary unit. See some amazing sights, help with some incredible animals and get unrivalled work experience on this internship in South Africa.

Hands-on veterinary work experience abroad

If you love animals and are thinking about a future career in veterinary work or animal care, our veterinary experience abroad programmes are a great option. Vet experience is essential for being able to get into university or for future job prospects, so why not join a veterinary project abroad and make an adventure out of it? For the veterinary experience project, no prior qualifications or experience are required.

Oyster also offers a more advanced internship programme in South Africa that is designed to give you a hands on experience in treating and working with a range of animals on game reserves, farms and clinics. It can be done as part of a gap year, a summer break from university and also once university is completed. Suitable for vet nurses as well as training veterinarians, giving some great veterinary work experience abroad that you could never get in your home country.

This is a fantastic way to make a genuine contribution to animal welfare, whilst improving your own veterinary knowledge and enhancing your C.V. In addition to this, you will get the chance to live and travel in some of the most exciting locations around the world. You will get to know the locals, make new friends, and obtain great practical and theoretical experience to set you up for study!

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