Whether you choose to intern, teach, tour, become an Au Pair or volunteer in China, even the most weary traveller would be spellbound by a visit to this vast country. Choosing to spend your gap year in China will show you that its dynamism, very visible growth and its landscape are awe-inspiring. Everybody has an opinion of China, but there are still few who have experienced this amazingly efficient, innovative and friendly country. As we hear so often, China has become the nation that will influence our lives, and those with an understanding of China are at a real advantage in life.

Backpacking China is very easy as the public transport is second to none. There are high speed trains linking all the major cities for a fraction of a similar journey in the west as well as cheap flights. Join our tour, or work in China as an intern or teacher and experience how easy travel is!

Oyster can offer five ways of experiencing the real China, rather than simply passing through as a tourist.

China Tour

Join our 16-day or 25-day guided tour of China, backpacking with a group of like-minded travellers. This budget China tour will take you to all the major sites as well as giving you the opportunity to experience the unknown surprises that China has to offer. Backpacking China is incredibly fun and easy! Why not combine a tour with another of our amazing programmes in China.

China TEFL

This programme includes an online TEFL course to complete before departure. Once in China, the real fun begins. Meet a big group of other interns and tour Beijing. After a 5 day induction and orientation, head to a school for 4 months to teach. This is a fantastic way to explore China, while also gaining valuable teaching experience.

China Au Pair

Head to a major Chinese city and become an Au Pair. Live with a friendly, welcoming family and gain child care experience. You will also receive 20 Mandarin lessons per month. This flexible programme runs all year round and you can go for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 months.

China Teach and Earn

If you have a degree and either 2 years teaching experience or a TESOL/TEFL, then you can work in China as a teacher for 4 and a half months. Earn a good monthly wage, while exploring China. Fantastic for anyone who already teaches or who is looking to become a teacher.

China Business Internship

Live in a busy Chinese city and gain valuable business experience on our China Business internship. We offer internships in a range of fields, including marketing and hospitality.

Whilst we don’t offer volunteer in China programmes, stopping off in China gives you a fantastic base from which you can volunteer abroad around China.

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