China offers an array of superlative sights, from Shanghai to the Great Wall to the Terracotta army. In addition to this ancient culture and fascinating history, this is the world’s fastest growing and most populated country. With China set to take the main role on the world stage, getting to know this country and its language is certainly on the top of the list of things to be done on a gap year or career break.

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Projects in China

China Adventure

China Internship Programme

Teach and Earn in China

Even the most weary traveller would be spellbound by a visit to China. Its dynamism, its very visible growth and its landscape are awe inspiring. Everybody has an opinion of China, but there are still few who have experienced its thrilling vitality and friendly people. As we hear so often, China has become the nation that will influence our lives, and those with an understanding of China are at a real advantage in life.

China is easy to get around.  There are high speed trains linking all the major cities for a fraction of a similar journey in the west as well as cheap flights.

Oyster can offer three ways of experiencing the real China, rather than simply passing through as a tourist.

If you haven’t yet started at university or prefer a more structured programme, we recommend our China Adventure programme.

China Adventure programme:

  • Begin in Beijing as part of a group
  • Learn Mandarin
  • Gain a TEFL qualification in Beijing over 4 weeks
  • Teach English internship for 4 months, receive paid living allowance
  • First hand advice before departure from Oyster’s UK office
  • Excellent China based support throughout

If you have graduated from university, have a TEFL and want to teach for a year at excellent rates you would be eligible for our Teach and Earn in China programme.

Teach and Earn in China programme:

  • Well paid English teaching job in a school or language college
  • Airport pickup in Beijing
  • Carefully sourced well paid English teaching job for 12 months
  • First hand advice before departure from Oyster’s UK office
  • Excellent China based support throughout.

Alternatively, why not gain valuable work experience as an intern in a Chinese organisation based in Beijing or Shanghai?

China Internship Programme:

  • Good quality internship for 2-6 months in your chosen work sector
  • Monthly start dates all year round
  • Accommodation provided with other interns
  • Mandarin lessons
  • First hand advice before departure from Oyster’s UK office
  • Excellent China based support throughout.

Country highlights

  • Explore a range of fascinating sites, from colourful temples and ancient monuments to fast-paced modern cities.
  • Get an intriguing insight into life in the world’s most populous country.
  • Experience the warmth of the Chinese people and the buzz of boom-time China.
  • Get around cheaply and easily on high speed trains that reach 300km per hour.
  • Taste delicious Chinese cuisine.

Why Choose Oyster?

  • We have teamed up with very experienced Beijing based partners with many years experience of successfully placing teachers all over China
  • First hand knowledge of China in our UK head office
  • Our programmes give you the best possible opportunity to pick up Mandarin