Get off the beaten track to live on a beautiful Costa Rican beach, protecting the turtles that nest and hatch on the golden sands. Live like a local as you make a genuine contribution to marine conservation.

Live on the wild side and get stuck in to the life of an assistant game ranger on a stunning game reserve, home to Africa’s Big 5. Enjoy the thrills of taking a safari, all whilst helping to promote the survival of African flora and fauna. Experience the lions roaring, elephants trumpeting and antelope running as you work out and about on the reserve each day.

Work closely with wolves in a beautiful sanctuary in one of Portugal’s National Parks. These shy creatures are no longer able to live in the wild after having been kept in zoos, traded illegally or hunted by humans. Help to provide care and a life as close to the wild as possible to the largest members of the much-loved dog family.

Take the first steps to becoming a game ranger on this amazing 8 week course, working towards the highly regarded FGASA Field Guide qualification. Live the life of a trainee game ranger on a lush game reserve, learning all about and participating in animal care, reserve management, game drives and more. If that’s not enough, your classroom is a Big 5 game reserve, with amazing animals at every turn.

Live with elephants in a beautiful lakeside rescue centre, surrounded by sprawling jungle and jagged mountains. Work with elephants that have been rescued from the demanding logging industry, and witness baby elephants being cared for in the on-site elephant nursery. The elephant population in Laos, once known as the “Land of a Million Elephants”, is plummeting, and you can be part of the solution to this tragic problem.

We have a particular affinity with these graceful and powerful great apes, and yet every day orangutans are threatened in their natural habitat by human interference. Help to make a positive difference to lives the of orangutans which have been taken from the wild at a young age for the illegal pet trade, or whose habitats have been destroyed by deforestation.

Become a research diver on an exciting volunteer marine conservation project in Thailand. Get involved in daily dives to explore the health of the marine environment just off the stunning island of Koh Phangan. Suitable for new and experienced divers alike, this project allows participants to play in active role in tackling marine decline, all whilst enjoying the wonders of life under the sea.

Step off the trodden tourist trail and into the heart of stunning Sri Lanka, where elephants are still clinging on to life in the wild. Work closely with the local community to help promote the survival of the endangered Asian elephant, all whilst enjoying seeing these creatures roam in their natural habitat – a rare wonder.

Explore one of the most beautiful and untouched destinations on earth – New Zealand! Help local conservationists with their efforts to preserve some of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations. Chose from two gateway cities on the North Island and one on the South Island.

Actively help in the fight against plastics and rubbish clogging up our marine environment. On this project you will be doing daily dives to remove fishing gear, debris and plastics from the ocean around Lisbon. It is an amazing opportunity to make a difference and clean up our world.

Head into the heart of Borneo’s rainforest, helping to regenerate habitats and monitor local wildlife. From orangutans to pygmy elephants and from primates to crocodiles, you will be preserving these creatures and their habitat for generations to come. This is a once in a lifetime experience to live in a small remnant of paradise, immersing yourself in a way of life that has all but been forgotten.

South Africa is home to the amazing Marine Big 5 – sharks, whales, dolphin, penguins and seals – and their existence is under threat. Spend your days out on the water observing marine life, all whilst contributing to innovative shark conservation and eco-tourism measures. Help out at a penguin rescue centre and with beach clean ups to improve the damaged marine world. And if that’s not enough, why not tick something off the bucket list and go cage diving with sharks too?

Giant tortoises that date back to the dinosaurs, sea lions that sunbathe next to you on the beach, glittering blue waters with amazing marine life – the Galapagos is undeniably one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Join a conservation mission that is working hard to preserve the fauna and flora on the Galapagos Islands, promoting its survival for generations to come.

Experience the rare desert elephants in the wild, helping these endangered animals and rural communities to co-exist in harmony. Enjoy all that desert life brings, from cooking over camp fires to sleeping under the stars, and throw yourself into the volunteer role, which includes tracking elephants, doing building projects and helping the local community.

Volunteer with endangered white rhinos, recently reintroduced to Uganda after they were tragically poached to extinction in the 1980s. After 10 amazing days at the rhino sanctuary, head off on a 3 day safari at Murchison Falls National Park to search for elephants, lions and leopards, before taking a cruise up the Nile to the foot of the impressive waterfalls.

Borneo has gone down in legend as one of the best places in the world for wildlife lovers. One of its most beloved species, the Bornean sun bear, is under threat of extinction, but you can volunteer to help tackle this tragic predicament.

Get stuck in working with a wide range of cheeky primates at an inspirational rescue centre on the fringes of the Amazon rain forest. From spider monkeys to squirrel monkeys, from woolly monkeys to capuchin monkeys, help to provide for these rescued animals, enabling them to live a life as close to the wild as possible.

Experience parts of Australia that many will never get to see by taking part in rural and urban community projects with other enthusiastic volunteers. Chose from one of 2 gateway cities or combine both Melbourne and Sydney. The choice is yours!

Volunteer abroad in conservation for a worthy cause

Conservation is the act of preserving, guarding or protecting. Participating in volunteer work can be an excellent way of contributing to a number of environment causes and aiding in restoring areas that have been damaged by negative impacts. On our conservation projects you can also make a genuine contribution to the work of animal conservation charities and organisations around the world, getting involved in projects from marine conservation research to environmental protection to wildlife conservation jobs. Conservation volunteers can make an amazing contribution on a gap year, career break and on holidays with a difference.

You can volunteer abroad in both animal and marine conversation projects. This is a great way to experience living and working in a foreign country and at the same time doing something for a worthwhile cause. Our projects are open to people from all walks of life – whether you are taking a gap year, want to do a holiday with a difference or are looking for something to do in retirement, you are a welcome asset to our projects. For those who are looking for work experience, conservation volunteering abroad will greatly enhance your CV and demonstrate to future employers that you are intrepid, hardworking and mindful of the world around you. We have even had previous volunteers who have managed to secure paid work abroad with animals after joining on of our projects.

You can read more about Oyster’s conservation initiatives, and those that are taking place around the world in our top conservation initiatives article.

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