Find out what Oyster volunteers have said in these reviews of the volunteering on the wildlife sanctuary programme in Ecuador. To find out more about this project, visit our wildlife sanctuary page.


Baby monkey at the wildlife sanctuary“I had the best time ever during my two week stay in the animal sanctuary in Ecuador. The oyster world team were also very accommodating to me, as I was planning on changing my trip due to currents news of Ecuador and they helped me every step of the way. I eventually went with my original dates and am very glad that I did. The experience itself is one I will never forget and I did not expect to be able to work in such close proximity to the animals without feeling micromanaged, and I felt I was doing meaningful work. I had no previous experience with animals but this was not an issue as everything was explained very well. It was one of the highlights of my life. The experience overall was a 10/10, it was very tough work especially as we had less volunteers than usual, but it is a time I will never stop talking about.”

Amy, 2 weeks January 2024

“I’m doing great, I’m really enjoying my time here. The work can feel like a lot with the heat and humidity, but the payout of the animal’s welfare is worth the effort. Thank you!”

Ben, 2 weeks Sept 2023

“Fantastic experience getting to interact with the rescued primates!”

Marcus, 4 weeks Jan 2023

“I had a wonderful time in Ecuador. As of now, I have extended my travel and am currently on a two week vacation in the Galapagos. Thank you so much for the guidance and help during my stay. It felt safe having someone watching my back!! ECUADOR 🇪🇨 🇪🇨 🇪🇨 

Pablo, 8 weeks Jan 2022

Puyo Carneval“My first week was absolutely brilliant. I am loving the work, the animals, the scenery, the location, the people and even the weather. Tomorrow we are going to the reserve to release some animals that are good to go; a tree porcupine and two turtles.”

Alex, 4 weeks March 2020


A beautiful bird in the trees at the wildlife rescue centre in Ecuador“Some of the animals had been rescued from the illegal pet trade, and so were very used to humans. There was a nocturnal monkey and a squirrel monkey, for example, who were very friendly, and liked sitting on people’s shoulders. It was also amazing to actually see and interact with animals I had learned so much about, like the spider monkeys and ocelots. ”

Lucy, 4 weeks September 2019

Two monkeys in the grass“I knew the sanctuary was excellent from the research I made in advance, but experiencing it was definitely something different.I have a lot of respect for all the people that contribute in the effort to combat these issues, the staff at the santuary and Oyster for giving people the opportunity to help too. Excellent contact with Anne and Monika and my great thanks to both!”

Matthias, 4 weeks August 2019

An animal at the wildlife sanctuary in Ecuador“It was honestly amazing and I don’t regret a second of it! I recommend for people to travel aboard and experience the things I did, and you’re never really too old! I do miss Ecuador a lot! It was a beautiful country and I wish I had more time to travel. Thanks a bunch for your help with this experience Anne! I have memories I’ll never forget!”

Chelsey, 4 weeks December 2018

Ecuador“The volunteering itself was exceptional. I met the most wonderful people and had an excellent time. I felt supported by Oyster before, during and after my trip.”

Georgina, 2 weeks April 2018

A cutey looks out from behind a tree in his new home at the wildlife sanctuary in Ecuador

“I’m absolutely loving it here! The staff are all incredibly friendly and I’ve had so many great experiences here that I never thought I’d get to do, and have seen so many animals that I didn’t even know existed.”


Mark, 2 weeks April 2018

See some amazing animals whilst in Ecuador at the wildlife sanctuary“Thank you so much for all your help getting us here! Daisy and I are having the most incredible time here, we are absolutely loving everything about it! The staff here are so kind and helpful and the animals are awe-inspiring to see, I would absolutely recommend this project to any animal lover.”

Charlotte, 6 weeks March 2018

A bird sits on a volunteer's arm at the wildlife sanctuary in Ecuador“Everything is great! The staff are very knowledgeable, sometimes the work is difficult though. We have been into town a few times to be a part of the carnival activities, such as seeing the parade, enjoying ice cream and being sprayed with foam and paint! The place is amazing, and Ecuador is fantastic also”

Maya, 4 weeks February 2018

Ecuador wildlife volunteering colourful parrot“The hands-on experience was incredible and not something that you are able to do everyday. I’ve never had a dull moment with them and always found myself laughing while around them. The people here are really lovely and the whole experience is just simply amazing! Oyster Worldwide is by far the best gap year travel agency I have worked with. They made sure every small detail was taken care of and informed me of all of the possibilities that I would experience while in Ecuador. I would definitely recommend them.”

Kim, 2 weeks September 2017

Volunteering at the wildlife sanctuary in Ecuador meets a monkey“Finally come to the end of my four weeks of volunteering here… Met a lot of really cool animals and people and it’s been a pleasure working with them all, from building climbing frames and releasing a snake back into the wild, wouldn’t change a minute of it…”

Kurtis, 4 weeks August 2017


Volunteer at the wildlife sanctuary meets one of the rescued animals“I have had an absolute blast this whole trip. The experience I have gained, the things I’ve learnt about the animals, the culture and it was so fun and beautiful. The work is hard but satisfying. Thank you for organising this – it’s been fantastic.”

Natasha, 4 weeks July 2017


A volunteer with a monkey in Ecuador“The first week was great and I’ve experienced so much, I’m still in disbelief about it. Tonight, I’m on nocturnals for the first time and really excited about it.”

Simonetta, 3 weeks July 2017


Baby monkey at the wildlife sanctuary“The first week was great and I’ve experienced so much, I’m still in disbelief about it. Tonight, I’m on nocturnals for the first time and really excited about it.”

Becky, 3 weeks May 2017

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