Oyster Reviews: Marine conservation and diving in Thailand

Find out what Oyster volunteers have said in these reviews of our marine conservation and diving project in Thailand:

VOlunteers help to measure coral growth in Thailand“Thailand is just incredible and we absolutely loved it. The project is so inspiring and made us super welcome, hit the ground running and the learning was mind blowing! Its definitely an experience we will be repeating at some point in the near future as two weeks was just not enough time!”

Charlotte, 2 weeks September 2018

A research diver to the ready“Thailand was amazing! I absolutely loved it and I think I may have a change in my career path. It was the best experience – I haven’t stopped singing its praises so everyone I know is very jealous.”

Kelly Purse, 4 weeks July 2018

Volunteers pose for a selfie whilst diving in Thailand“It’s amazing out here! I’m still getting used to diving in the ocean, it’s very different from the lake I learned in. But as classrooms go, I can’t complain! We see fish on every dive, different corals and the water is so warm I have dived in just a rash vest and leggings. As we have Saturday’s off, a group of us went to Sail Rock for a couple of fun dives over the weekend just gone. It’s such an incredible dive site, so many life forms and whole shoals of barracuda.”

Jessica Prestage, 4 weeks June 2018

Beautiful Thai boats on the shore on Koh Phangan“I have just finished the PADI open water qualification and now am participating in scientific training. I really love this part as it is slowly integrating newcomers into the project and receiving really thorough and small-group training through each stages of the dive research process! This has really made me feel better and not overwhelmed with new skills, whilst at the same time learning loads on every dive. It is fab! The staff, other volunteers and scientists are one of the nicest groups of people who give a lot of great advice.”

Jennifer Thomson, 4 weeks June 2018

Marine researchers and volunteers help to collect data in Thailand“Everything here is just perfect. I love diving every day and I am learning so much. We got really lucky and saw a whale shark on my third day! The staff and the other volunteers are just lovely. We have a lot of fun together.”

Sandra Paeckert, 4 weeks May 2018

Driving volunteer“My Oyster representative, Anne Smellie, was super helpful and nice. My situation was a bit complicated and she seemed eager and pleased to help in every way she could! Arrival was smooth. Becoming a certified diver and diving everyday was my favourite! I woke up every morning excited for the day!”

Amanda Scofield, 4 weeks February 2017

Volunteer marine conservation“Everything was a highlight. The island I lived on was beautiful and welcoming. I loved the people that I lived and worked with. Scuba diving everyday was absolutely amazing! I loved it all.”

Forrest Ward, 4 weeks January 2017

reveiw#“As a first-time independent traveller, the trip as a whole went far smoother than I had anticipated. No severe hiccups were met (this was largely due to the highly detailed travel instructions pack I received from Oyster) and I extremely enjoyed my time. On my trip, I met some of the kindest, most open minded people I’ve ever encountered. The beauty of Koh Phangan and the gulf overall, is something I will never forget.”

Sharon Mandipe, 2 weeks August 2016

Anemone, Magnificent - Heteractis magnifica_003_Sail Rock_G10“You can learn so much about yourself in such a short time – it helped me to decide what to do with my life and showed me the beauty of life!”

Kathryn Kitching, 4 weeks August 2016

Oyster review“This project was very good, and was just what I expected. I enjoyed learning new things about organisms and how corals work underwater.”

Abigail Melville, 6 weeks July 2016



web“I’ve had a really great time! My first week was mainly spent doing my scuba diving course which lasted 4 days (2 in the pool, 2 in open water). Since then, I’ve been diving every day around the local bay doing several research projects. Everyone has been super welcoming and friendly, and it was really easy to feel comfortable straight away and get in the swing of things!”

Daid Wyn-Bennis, 4 weeks August 2016

web“Make sure you jump straight into doing as much as possible, there are lots of things to do while you’re out there.”

Matthew Legard, 3 weeks June 2016

web“My trip couldn’t have been better, I really enjoyed it and do miss it quite a lot, especially wearing flip flops everyday! I want to say thank you for all your help, and I would like to say that I would recommend the marine conservation volunteering programme to anyone, even if you’re not studying a marine or biology related subject, like me, as the team and volunteers are very welcoming.”

Josh Instone, 4 weeks April 2016

Diving career break“The first week has been great. To begin with, it was quite hard to acclimatise, as I had to wake up for 6.55 the morning following my arrival, and throughout the week, but diving at one of the best sites in the world made it all worth it. The people have been super nice and really easy going, and the accommodation is quite comfortable. The local area is really nice since it’s not completely taken over by tourists, so you get a taste of the local life. So far I’m having an awesome time and I’m hoping it continues.”

Andre Harapinski, 8 weeks January 2016

Marine conservation“I had a great time in Thailand. I met loads of people and really enjoyed the diving. I miss the project – it was a lot of fun, but I’m keeping in touch and looking forward to university back in the UK, as I’m still studying what I like. Thanks for everything!”

Alec de la Fuente Rogers, 4 weeks August 2015

Beth Eardley“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with my Thailand experience! It was fantastic and I super enjoyed it.”

Beth Eardley, 3 weeks July 2015

Marine conservation in Thailand“Thailand was the most amazing experience and the centre was such a lovely place to be. I miss it already, and everyone there. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Thank you so much!”

Natalie Turner Blackman, 4 weeks May 2015

Marine conservation “Thailand was such an amazing experience and I’m dying to go back already. It feels like it was all a dream now. I met some really amazing people and learnt so much, not only about the marine life out there but also about the Thai culture. Thank you so much for all your help before I left, you really managed to relax my Mum and Dad’s minds too.”

Katrina Provan, 8 weeks March 2015

Marine conservation and diving“I had an amazing time in Thailand and already really miss it! Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months. This was my first big trip away on my own and, without your help, I doubt I would have been able to do it. I now feel much more confident about travelling and can’t wait to explore many new places around the world. Diving everyday was extremely fun! The tropical conservation research diver course we are taught there was a brilliant thing to come home with. It is a beautiful place and all of the surveys done on the dives make you feel like you are contributing to the saving the area.”

Chloe Patel, 4 weeks August 2014

Marine conservation and diving“Thailand was incredible! I absolutely loved the diving, and the project staff were amazing. I loved the whole experience and the island was beautiful. It was interesting to meet loads of the other volunteers from other countries as well :)”

Izzy Turnbull, 3 weeks July 2014

Diving conservation in Thailand“Being able to get involved in actual conservation work, rather than just supporting other people doing it was great. This was brilliant for getting a better understanding of why we need conservation and what is being done, and also to get experience in the field. Don’t get upset over setbacks, such as bad weather preventing you from doing what you planned, and enjoy it as the time goes so quick!”

Amanda Sleath, 4 weeks July 2014

Marine conservation in Thailand“This project was great. Being surrounded by like-minded people and diving the reefs everyday was a real highlight. The coral reefs are one of our most valuable ecosystems. I feel every opportunity to aid them should be taken. We even had the opportunity to dive deeper than 5m! Thailand was insane! I loved it! Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity.”

Holly Bateman, 3 weeks, June 2014

Conservation thailand“I am having a fantastic time. Diving in the morning off a long tail boat, chilling in the afternoon, then a sunset dive followed by food then a night dive, then watching the stars on the boat home. It’s a hard life in Thailand, but someone has to do it!”

Sam Chivers, 6 weeks, April 2014

Oyster Reviews: Marine conservation and diving“I had a great time volunteering in Thailand at the Marine Conservation Project. It was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot away from my line of study. For those with three weeks or more spare, definitely give it a go!”

Rajesh Dhulashia, 3 weeks, August 2013

“I Oyster Reviews: marine conservation and divinghad the most amazing 3 weeks doing diving and marine conservation in Thailand arranged by Oyster Worldwide. It was the best experience of my life and I will definitely be going back next year! Oyster sorted everything for me and were so lovely and helpful. I truly recommend them to anyone looking for a gap year or volunteering holiday!”

Emma Johnson, 3 weeks, July 2013

Oyster Reviews: Marine conservation and diving in Thailand“I couldn’t have found anyone better to help me kick-start my travels! Oyster has fantastic staff who are so willing to help (which was great because I was so unorganised and very last-minute) and an amazing selection of projects across the globe! I loved learning to dive and developed a new passion for the marine world.”

Anwen Panikkar, 4 weeks, April 2013

To find out more about taking part in a marine conservation and diving project in Thailand, have a look at our Thailand diving website.

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