A close up photo of the intricate markings on a giraffe“I’m having a blast and everyone else seems to be too. We’re all having a great laugh but also feel like I’m learning very much. Thanks for everything!”

Harvey, 8 weeks June 2019

A butterfly at the game reserve in South Africa

“I’m living the dream! I love it. I’ve seen a lot of animals already and have learned a lot. Everyone here is so nice. I’m really happy that I chose this program – it truly is an amazing experience ”

Julia, 8 weeks January 2019

Monitoring wildlife in the game reserve on the game ranger course“I enjoyed seeing the wildlife at the reserve. I would recommend people do extra work in preparation for the course, for example study materials on South African birds and reptiles.”

Charlie, 8 weeks June 2018

</p“The game ranger course is a fantastic opportunity to see amazing animals, such as these beautiful zebra. I really enjoyed this course – it is something I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a brilliant experience. I saw and learnt so much and would highly recommend it.”

Alex, 8 weeks January 2017

See a variety of animals on the game ranger course in South Africa“The communication from Oyster was brilliant, the amount of information I received about the reserve I was staying on and the country itself was excellent, there wasn’t a detail left out and, traveling solo I felt I was well prepared for my journey and adventure. I highly recommend them to anyone and have actually booked my next adventure to Nepal using them.”

Richard, 8 weeks October 2016

Game ranger course“Working with all the different animals, and being with people from all over the world but having similar things in common, was great. Try everything at least once. Don’t be afraid to try any of the on-site and off-site activities. It was an amazing experience all round.”

Michael, 8 weeks January 2015

Game ranger course“The game ranger course was hard work at times, but well worth the effort 🙂 Being able to drive around the reserve and know about the plants and animals, and then being able to share this knowledge with others was just amazing. It was a very rewarding course which has many skills that are applicable to other areas of life. Take a good pair of binoculars, a bird identification book and a good camera. Thank you for taking the time to help with all the organisation I required to make this trip possible!!!”

Phillip, 8 weeks January 2015

Game ranger qualification“I couldn’t be better after such a truly ideal 2 months in South Africa. From the moment I arrived, I met many really amazing people who I bonded with near enough straight away. I would highly recommend doing the course. It does take a lot of concentration and study to pass, so people shouldn’t go into it looking for an easy volunteering experience.”

Adam, 8 weeks October 2014

Game ranger qualification“I am literally having the most amazing experience! 8 weeks in such a beautiful country has come to an end. South Africa is amazing. I will be back, one day, to see what else there is to offer!”

Soren, 8 weeks October 2014

Game ranger course in South Africa“The experience was great, Oyster were incredibly helpful as a company, and far more informed than any other company I’ve travelled with before. The project itself was so much fun, and unbelievably educational – I haven’t learnt that much in such a short space of time ever.”

Shane, 8 weeks June 2014

For more information about taking a game ranger course with the Big 5 in South Africa, have a look at our gap year game ranger qualification web page.

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