Find out what Oyster medical volunteers in Romania have to say about their time on the project:


“I’m doing good. My trip has been going really well and I am loving being with the nurses and physical therapists. It is a very organized program that is always willing to help with any questions or concerns. I loved getting to meet all the patients and be welcomed as I got to see the nurses and physical therapists do their work. Thanks for checking in! ”

Illeana 2 weeks June 2024

“I am a podiatric medical school student in the USA with a strong interest in global health. I had initially researched many medical programs abroad and the oyster worldwide program ended up being the best. The directors were always professional and replied to my emails in a timely manner. As I began volunteering in Braşov, the medical staff I worked with were very kind and helpful. Also, many patients were happy to see us which is a great sign. Inclusively, I had learned a little bit of Romanian which allowed me to communicate with patients. I enriched my medical experience as I was simultaneously welcomed by the Romanian hospitality: a unique experience that this program offers.”

Elizabeth 1 week May 2023


View from the bear sanctuary over the Carpathian Mountains“I would like to thank you for arranging my medical internship in Romania. I learnt a lot from the experience, and have a deeper understanding about the medical profession in another country, and whether I am suitable for it.”

Ian, 4 weeks August 2019

Mural on the wall in the children's hospital in Brasov“I am really glad I did this experience. Razvan was very nice with me, so as the other volunteers! I felt as home. Everything has been well organized. The people there made me feel safe all the time and I learned a lot! Mostly I worked at the hospital from 9:15 – 12:30, and on the mobile medical unit from 12:30 – 16:00 or 16:00 – 19:30. Highlights included going to a Roma village to help with medical visits, doing an ECG and taking blood pressure.”

Zoe, 4 weeks August 2019

The Black Church in Brasov, Romania“I had a fantastic time, all of the people (patients and staff!)were especially lovely and supportive! The language barrier was much less of a problem than I expected which was fantastic. Razvan (oyster representative in Romania) was hugely supportive and quickly dealt with any tiny queries I had! I felt independent but looked after and safe at all times which was great. Could not have asked for anything more.”

Lily, 2 weeks August 2019

Brasov main square in the height of summer“I was very happy to contribute in order to help out whilst learning and gaining work experience. I actually managed to bond with the children I was working with, as well as the nurses and other staff. There was one child that stood out to me, a girl who was epileptic and often got frustrated very easily. When I was spending time with her, she seemed to have acted calmer and also seemed very happy. This made me feel quite special and motivated to keep participating and put in my maximal effort.”

Katerina, 1 week July 2019

Mobile medical unit in Romania“The medical unit staff and patients have been very friendly. The local Oyster staff has also been wonderful. Razvan has been very accommodating.”

Oana, 2 weeks June 2019

Beautiful buildings in Brasov“I absolutely loved my time overseas and can’t wait to schedule another trip to Romania! Răzvan went above and beyond in making sure Shabana and I were comfortable, and we loved every day we spent there. I would like to thank you again for all of your guidance! You and the rest of Oyster staff have been so incredible (especially to a new traveler like me). Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to join the program again!”

Michaela, 1 week March 2019

A doctor and children at the hospital enjoy relaxing together“The trip was amazing. The patients were wonderful to work with. The application process was painless and we felt prepared for this adventure. I probably will miss having the satisfaction of providing direct relief to patients as I do not always get the same satisfaction as an aide in my clinic. In America, I am not allowed to massage patients or provide mobilization as I did while under supervision of the therapist. Being hands-on with the patients made me realize I can’t wait to start my career!”

Shabana, 1 week March 2019

The Black Church in Brasov under a blanket of snow“This far exceeded my expectations. I have learned to dress patient’s wounds and it was a great experience for me. It was great to learn about the Romania care service. If you choose this programme, you will not regret your choice!”

Mi Jeong, 1 week January 2019

Visit Bran Castle whilst in Romania - the home of Dracula“I had the chance to help the nurse with her daily duties in the morning, which included going to patient’s homes, changing wound dressings, checking blood pressure and heart rate. In the afternoon, I would shadow the physiotherapist in people’s homes, watching different types of treatments like massages to keep the blood flowing in immobilised patients and electrotherapy which helps the muscles relax.”

Alexandra, 2 weeks August 2018

Fireworks go off over Brasov town square to welcome in 2018.“Life is great here in Brasov. My roommates are fantastic and we have been having good fun! The apartment is great and Razvan is always helpful and great to be around. I had my first day yesterday on the mobile team. I am enjoying getting out into people’s homes and experiencing the culture.”

James, 3 weeks January 2018

Rachel volunteering in Romania“It’s great for those looking for experience in certain lines of work, e.g. social work. This project is also great for those who really enjoy spending time with children. I really liked that I had the opportunity to work on the different units of the hospital. It offered a good variety and change of scenery. I really liked being able to spend time with children of all age ranges.”

Rachel, 4 weeks April 2017

medical internship in Brasov“Everything is going very well over here! My first week was nice. At the children’s hospital it is not always easy to communicate with the children but it’s going well 🙂 In the afternoon it’s really great!! The nurses of the medical mobile vehicle explain everything to me and speak very good English so I learn and enjoy a lot! And Razvan also looks after us very well 🙂 I enjoy it a lot!!”

Daphné, 2 weeks March 2017

Romania hospital “The nurses here were really nice and easygoing, even with our language barrier, we pretty much always managed to understand each other and I finally managed to give a face to many diseases I’ve only seen in books, which is pretty nice. Razvan was absolutely amazing in every instance but I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new. All in all I can only compliment you for how well managed the project is.”

Diego, 2 weeks March 2017

medical internship in Brasov“The first week has flown by and the second week is too! Both placements have been amazing and I have had the chance to see the real Romania rather than what the tourists see. It has definitely been an eye opener and a brilliant experience! Razvan has been incredibly kind throughout the trip, always making sure that we are ok wherever we are, especially when organising the weekend trips. Cannot fault anything!”

Frankie, 3 weeks September 2016

Volunteer bandaging a leg“I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Romania. I am definitely missing the lovely people I have met on the trip including the kids at the hospital, everyone from the mobile medical unit, the staff at the hospital, the other volunteers (the list goes on and on!) and of course the warm Romanian sun.”

Ellie, 4 weeks June 2016

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