Oyster Reviews: Medical volunteering in Romania

Find out what Oyster medical volunteers in Romania have to say about their time on the project:

Visit Bran Castle whilst in Romania - the home of Dracula“I had the chance to help the nurse with her daily duties in the morning, which included going to patient’s homes, changing wound dressings, checking blood pressure and heart rate. In the afternoon, I would shadow the physiotherapist in people’s homes, watching different types of treatments like massages to keep the blood flowing in immobilised patients and electrotherapy which helps the muscles relax. I feel that I made the patients a little happier by talking to them in any way thta I could, as they are not able to leave their houses and interact with many people – I think that I was able to bring the outside to them.”

Alexandra Hamouda 2 weeks, August 2018

Fireworks go off over Brasov town square to welcome in 2018.“Life is great here in Brasov. My roommates are fantastic and we have been having good fun! The apartment is great and Razvan is always helpful and great to be around. I had my first day yesterday on the mobile team. I am enjoying getting out into people’s homes and experiencing the culture.”

James Stitt 3 weeks, January 2018

Rachel volunteering in Romania“It’s great for those looking for experience in certain lines of work, e.g. social work. This project is also great for those who really enjoy spending time with children. I really liked that I had the opportunity to work on the different units of the hospital. It offered a good variety and change of scenery. I really liked being able to spend time with children of all age ranges.”

Rachel Doody 4 weeks, April 2017

medical internship in Brasov“Everything is going very well over here! My first week was nice. At the children’s hospital it is not always easy to communicate with the children but it’s going well 🙂 In the afternoon it’s really great!! The nurses of the medical mobile vehicle explain everything to me and speak very good English so I learn and enjoy a lot! And Razvan also looks after us very well 🙂 I enjoy it a lot!!”

Daphné de Gottal 2 weeks, March 2017

Romania hospital “The locality was fantastic and in my two weeks I never found myself out of places to visit: every corner was filled with natural and or/artificial wonders. The nurses here were really nice and easygoing, even with our language barrier, we pretty much always managed to understand each other and I finally managed to give a face to many diseases I’ve only seen in books, which is pretty nice. Razvan was absolutely amazing in every instance but I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new. I’m trying to convince a friend of mine to take part, and maybe return myself this summer, or to even try out some other Oyster project. All in all I can only compliment you for how well managed the project is.”

Diego Tona 2 weeks, March 2017

medical internship in Brasov“The first week has flown by and the second week is too! Both placements have been amazing and I have had the chance to see the real Romania rather than what the tourists see. It has definitely been an eye opener and a brilliant experience! Rasvan has been incredibly kind throughout the trip, always making sure that we are ok wherever we are, especially when organising the weekend trips. Cannot fault anything!”

Frankie Hastings 3 weeks, September 2016

Volunteer bandaging a leg“I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Romania. I am definitely missing the lovely people I have met on the trip including the kids at the hospital, everyone from the mobile medical unit, the staff at the hospital, the other volunteers (the list goes on and on!) and of course the warm Romanian sun.”

Ellie Weir 4 weeks, June 2016

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