Oyster reviews: Conservation volunteering in New Zealand

Find out what our Oyster volunteers have said about their time as conservation volunteers in Australia from these reviews.

” I am having the best time here in New Zealand. The activities are quite varied and the scenery is absolutely fabulous. We had a great time last night in Atiu Creek when the power went out. We couldn’t use the cookers as they were electric so we used the fireplace instead. It actually worked really well and we even managed to make a crumble! It was like being around a campfire.

I’m very happy to change location next week. Although I adored Atiu Creek, I am looking forward to discovering another part of the conservation project!”

Ruth Cook, October 2018

Scenic view of reflection lake in New Zealand I just got to Wellington yesterday and have gotten set up in the house. My stay in Auckland was great! Everybody was really nice and I got along well with the volunteers (lots of Germans!)

Atiu Creek was really nice! Our team leader Bruce was pretty cool and the work felt rewarding! So far, I’ve had a good time in New Zealand and I hope the coming weeks will prove to be just as good!”

Nicolas Shadday, April 2018


Landscape photo of New Zealand mountains

“I am in Wellington at the moment. I really enjoyed the last two weeks. I loved it. I had a lovely group and we had lots of fun with our kind Team Leader. I liked the work as well, we had done plenty of interesting things. Overall I’m happy that I joined these projects ”

“So far I had a great time. I love being a volunteer. I really enjoyed spending time with like-minded people and talking about their countries. In addition I love New Zealand and the Kiwis are incredibly friendly”

Isabella Spatz, Jan 2018

Volunteer with shovel“I’m loving it so far!  Just remembered seeing something about offsetting my air miles by paying towards a tree planting project – was it on the website?  – typical I can’t find it now. Keen to calculate the number I’d need to plant in theory.I’m planting trees here in NZ though – did 49 yesterday!”

Bronwen Vearncombe, 2 weeks Feb 2018


View of the ocean and forest in New Zealand ” I’ve just finished my first week of volunteering at a national park called Atiu Creek about 1.5 hrs north of Auckland. It has so  far been great fun & everyone (both staff and fellow volunteers) have been really friendly. This weeks activities included planting trees in areas that will eventually become woodland again and removing invasive tree species from conservation areas. I feel like I’ve already learnt a lot and can’t wait for the rest of my trip – especially to explore the South Island soon!”

Amy Mermin, 9 weeks September 2017

Volunteers in a group shot volunteering in conservation projects in Victoria Australia “Hi Georgie! Things in New Zealand are great! Everything with the program has been easy, from finding where I need to be and figuring out what I need to do. The organisers have been really kind, informative, and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything that you have done! I’ve been very prepared for everything”

Aidan Murphy, 6 weeks September 2017


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