Oyster Reviews: Wildlife Conservation Volunteering in Borneo

Find out what Oyster volunteers have said in these reviews of our wildlife conservation volunteering project in Borneo:

web 22“My time in Borneo was so much better than I ever imagined! The people, the rainforest – I cannot even put into words how blown away I was and am. I still can’t quite believe it all happened (I couldn’t when I was out there), I have waited so long to go out there! Everything I ever dreamt of and so much more, words cannot even explain how amazing Borneo really is. The whole trip completely touched my heart and I will never forget my trip of a lifetime! The wildlife! On the first day monitoring wildlife we came across a dominant male orang-utang! Our luck was exceeded even more when we went on to see a further 8 orangs on our trip! Incredible! We were also very lucky to see other animals such as crocodiles, a wild array of birds, monitor lizards and the 6 other primates found in Sabah. The locals also touched my heart, they were so friendly and willing to teach us their ways. I especially loved learning their local dances! You will never experience a place like it! If you don’t go you will be missing out on one of the most incredible places in the world! Amazing wildlife, the most friendly people and a community that is really developing and trying to save their rainforest and river! You would think you are on another planet!”

Hannah Chivers, 12 days April 2016


Volunteer showing her hard work replanting trees in the rainforest“It wasn’t just the appeal of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, but for me it was all I had studied at university being put into action, and had finalised for me what work to pursue in the near future. I would definitely come back to volunteer again, especially to see the progress of the planting sites which we were involved with.”

Alexandra Miles, 2 weeks December 2015


Donovan Currie“I loved my time abroad and I found myself just this morning thinking about what a good experience it was.
I would definitely say I miss it already.”

Donovan Currie, 2 weeks October 2015


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