Oyster Reviews: South Africa Veterinary Internship

Find out what our veterinary internship participants have got to say about their time in South Africa:

Veterinary intern Sara gets hands on with horses“My time overseas was more than I could have ever asked for. I had the time of my life in South Africa. I am missing it so much already.”

Sara Duggins, 6 weeks September 2017

Interns work with wildlife in South Africa“Great organisation, very helpful to prepare my trip. I hope I will be planning another trip. Thank you so much for all you did for me. I really appreciate it and it made my trip less stressful”

Oceane Garcia, 4 weeks July 2017

vet internship“I am so good thank you. I am really living an amazing experience in South Africa, I am learning so much about veterinary medicine and the life here is awesome. Every one is nice and we have a lot of fun together. I will be pleased to let you know my feedback in one week.”

Auriane Huber, 3 weeks May 2017

Veterinary experience in South Africa“Best thing I have ever done.  Harriet was great, felt like she personally wanted to help me on my trip and was just excited as me! I felt comfortable asking her any questions and she solved any problems quickly and efficiently. Go for as long as you can!! Time flies and 4 weeks didn’t feel like enough for me. Thank you!”

Grace Flaherty, 4 weeks April 2017


“I didn’t want to leave. I had the best experience of my life, I’ve learnt so many things and had the honour to help and see many different kind of animals. Every day was different and every day something exciting happened. The staff were amazing and they taught me many things and improved my experience with animals.”

Valentina De Pascale, 2 weeks August 2016

web“The Coffee Bay camping trip was wonderful though every day was different so the diverse assortment of tasks was a highlight of its own. I thought this program was perfect for pre-vet students with even minimal prior knowledge. The practical experience in any shape or form was very valuable and the hands-on nature of the project meant I was constantly engaged. There was even a little bit of cultural enrichment up in Coffee Bay where we visited a preschool and learned a little bit about the local community – all in all, proved to be an eye-opening experience and one that truly broadened my horizons. Of course the South Africa is incredibly beautiful in itself and the working opportunities with the unique animals here would be hard to come by elsewhere.”

Rachel Lee, 2 weeks July 2016

13495016_10209690080866062_7258170944677675892_n“People were all very nice, the vet internship allows people to have a close contact to healing elephants and the Vet is really interesting. For vet students it’s really interesting to see how the reserve works and how the vet handle the different wild animals. It’s an opportunity to discover animals we’re not used to see in our country.”

Manon Delauney, 4 weeks June 2016


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