“First off, thank you so much for the support you’ve given me throughout this process, you have no idea how helpful it has been for me!”

Rhys, August 2019



“Thank you so much for all your help!!”

Adela, July 2019


Standing infront of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

“I’m having a great time so far! Sydney is absolutely gorgeous. The first week was very busy so I’m getting adjusted to everything now, I am beginning to look for jobs now but I have just been enjoying myself and touring the city as well. The team has been very helpful and I’m using it to my advantage while I’m visiting in Australia. The tour of the blue mountains was just gorgeous as well.”

Brett, August 2018


“The first week has gone great! Sydney is an awesome city. The staff were really useful to help get started. The trip through the Blue Mountains was really beautiful, and the surf camp was a ton of fun! I’m currently in the process of finding a job and a permanent housing situation. I am staying here at the YHA Railway Hostel for at least another week. Thanks!”

Oren, March 2018

Girls in front of the Sydney Opera House

“I’m absolutely loving Melbourne; like you say it’s such a nice city and has a great vibe. I’m living in South Yarra and working in a cafe called ‘Two Birds One Stone’ which I love!”

Rosie, Nov 2017

View of Sydney Opera House from across the Harbour in the sunset

“I’m great ! I’ve had such a fun week. Sydney is a really cool city and i can’t wait to get settled here. The Blue Mountains was amazing as well and I think i’ll be back there at some point for some hiking. Cheers for checking in :)”

Ross, Sept 2017

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