Oyster Reviews: Volunteering with Sun Bears in Borneo

Find out what our volunteers have said in these Oyster reviews of volunteering with sun bears in Borneo:

Close up picture of the smallest bear in the world, the Bornean sun bear“The work with the sun bears was excellent. Be open-minded and enjoy!”

Laurence Reeve, 2 weeks July 2017

Volunteers are working hard to make enrichments for the sun bears in Borneo“I have had so many amazing experiences thanks to you and Oyster. I have learned so much and love the projects.”

Peter Lowe, 4 weeks January 2017

Jessica Prestage 1“The work at the sun bear centre was more varied than I had expected, and we worked more closely with the bears than I had hoped. The tree maintenance was hard work but it was very rewarding.Being a part of the process of rehabilitation, especially in regards of three young bears at the centre was amazing. I created a dry cage for them, watched them take their first steps into the jungle and later on saw them climbing trees, foraging and playing out in their rain-forest enclosure. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the process of rehabilitation and the biodiversity in the rainforest.”

Jessica Prestage, 2 weeks July 2016

Donovan Currie

“I loved my time abroad and I found myself just this morning thinking about what a good experience it was.
I would definitely say I miss it already.”

Donovan Currie, 2 weeks October 2015


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