How long do you want to stay?

Oyster Worldwide is a well-regarded gap year travel and responsible travel specialist.

Many of our projects were founded in 1999 and have been nurtured and supported by us ever since. We are known for giving you the opportunity to make a genuine contribution to your chosen project and for the first class support you receive.

Oyster’s wide range of gap year programmes, career break projects and volunteering breaks allow you to get under the skin of a country and to do something worthwhile whilst you are there.

From paid gap year jobs to worldwide volunteering opportunities, we have something for you. With projects from just one week up to a full year, there is huge scope for being able to do something amazing with the time that you have.

It’s fun too, making lifelong friendships and returning home with a fresh outlook on the world and where you come from. If you want to feel you are part of local life rather than a tourist passing through, we would love to hear from you to tell you all about our great short term and gap year opportunities.

We have things to say

A fantastic review of what life is life on our Big 5 conservation programme #southafrica #volunteering

New blog post Global warming affects turtle populations – Here at Oyster we have a particular interest in turtles …

How is climate change causing more female turtles to hatch? #climatechange #animals

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