Paid Work

Work abroad and enhance your CV with a different perspective on your gap year or career break. Showing future employers that you have not only lived overseas but also held down a paid job will really help your future career prospects! Most of our paid work programmes run for 3-6 months. Some people even choose to work abroad for a year. Plus, working overseas and earning money means you can fund further travel at the same time.

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Australia - Australia work and travel

Australia work and travel

Experience the best of both worlds with this work and travel programme. Get set up with all the skills and knowledge you need to find a job in Sydney and spend four weeks travelling the incredible East Coast of Australia with a group of like-minded people.

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Australia - City work in Sydney

City work in Sydney

Sydney: a world-renowned city known for its beauty, its beaches and its fast pace of life. Become part of a group setting up for life in Sydney, with full orientation, help with job and accommodation hunting and a great local insight to start your time in Oz with a bang.


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Australia - Farm work in Australia

Farm work in Australia

Get all the skills you need and find a great job on a ranch in Australia with our paid farm work and training programme. You’ll start in Brisbane with an induction followed by a few days to relax and get over jet-lag at Rainbow beach, finally you will take part in a full farm training course before heading off to your first job. This programme includes a great job-finding service and your first job on a ranch is guaranteed.

It’s a great way to experience Australian life in the great outdoors- and fund some further travels!

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Romania - Paid Ski Season in Romania

Paid Ski Season in Romania

Become part of a growing ski and snowboard school in Romania’s largest ski resort, Poiana Brasov. Train up to become a ski or snowboard instructor in just 2 weeks and work full time for the 3 month season. Whilst working as an instructor you will have the opportunity to explore Transylvania and the wider extremities of Eastern Europe in your free time.

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Canada - Summer Hospitality work in Jasper

Summer Hospitality work in Jasper

Spend your summer living and earning in Jasper working in a hospitality role in one of its busy hotels. Enjoy all of the pursuits of this summer resort, from climbing to white water rafting, from mountain biking to hiking.

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Canada - Summer Hospitality work in Tremblant

Summer Hospitality work in Tremblant

Live and work in the beautiful year-round resort of Mont Tremblant. Improve your French and work in hospitality in one of the resort’s many bars and restaurants, making the most of the amazing opportunities in your free time. From water sports to hiking and from white water rafting to golf, there is almost too much to do!

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China - Teach and Earn in China

Teach and Earn in China

Work for twelve months as an English teacher in China on a teaching programme that includes a Beijing induction and a good salary. This is a great opportunity to teach English, learn Mandarin and travel to see China’s unforgettable sights.

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Canada - Whistler Blackcomb Ski Instructor Jobs

Whistler Blackcomb Ski Instructor Jobs

Qualify as a ski instructor on our 4 week instructor programme before going on to teach skiing on your ski season. Taking part in our programme means that on successful completion of your Level 1, not only will you be qualified, you’ll also be eligible for employment by Whistler Kids as an instructor.

Normally, Whistler Kids will only accept applications from people who are already qualified. Our programme is the only way to qualify and teach in the same season!


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Canada - Whistler Blackcomb Ski School support jobs

Whistler Blackcomb Ski School support jobs

Work in the fast paced environment of Whistler Kids in one of our support roles for the winter season.

We have two different types of role available: either working back of house in the ski school kitchens or working closely with the kids in the den, helping to keep them motivated and having fun both during and outside of their lesson timetable.

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Canada - Whistler Hospitality jobs

Whistler Hospitality jobs

Work in one of Whistler’s top hotels on your ski season, working hard to earn the money to make the most of the incredible skiing and snowboarding opportunities here. Whistler is one of the world’s most renowned resorts for its variety of terrain and its amazing powder, so you could not ask for a better place to spend your season.

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Canada - Winter Hospitality work in The Rockies

Winter Hospitality work in The Rockies

Spend a winter season in the Canadian Rockies working in hospitality roles in hotels. Have a guaranteed job before you leave home. Earn money to finance an awesome ski or snowboard season and make the most of life in this famous mountain region with its varied terrain and good snowfall.

Now includes a season ski pass!

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Canada - Winter Hospitality work in Tremblant

Winter Hospitality work in Tremblant

Improve your French, earn money and ski during your season-long stay in the French speaking resort of Tremblant. Depending on your language level you could be working in a wide range of jobs, from dishwasher to bar tender.

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