Oyster’s responsibilities

  • We have developed long-standing relationships with employers or agencies in order to ensure our participants are in safe hands. The organisations that we work with directly have been checked out in accordance with industry standard BS8848 (covering health, safety and organisational issues). In particular, we make clear that participants should be properly trained for the job and that employers must treat them fairly and abide by local laws.
  • We will brief you thoroughly before departure to ensure that you are well prepared for the job and for working life in your destination country.
  • Oyster’s UK staff and our representatives abroad will be available to help you deal with any problems you are having during your time away. If you are having problems, please keep us informed from an early stage, so that we can offer effective help.
  • If you choose to leave your arranged employment and find other work without first seeking our assistance, we reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you as we will not necessarily have been able to assess your new employer.

Your responsibilities

Please remember that these are real jobs and that you are being paid for the time you are at work. If you under-perform you will be told in polite but direct terms what you need to do to improve your performance. If you continue to under-perform or have a bad attitude you may ultimately lose your job.

This is rare. We are proud to say that since 1999, our programme completion rate has been very high with 97% of participants successfully completing their jobs. Moreover, all those who lost their job felt they had been treated fairly.

Although we will be there to offer advice, there is little that Oyster can do to influence an employer’s decision if he/she finds that you have not met the terms of your contract.

To avoid losing your job:

  • Be punctual, don’t be late – whatever your excuse, it won’t cut any ice.
  • Turn up to work dressed appropriately and be clean and tidy
  • Be courteous to other staff and the public at all times
  • Have a neat and tidy haircut and keep piercings, tattoos and facial hair to a minimum. Expect in some roles to be asked to shave, cover up tattoos and remove piercings
  • Be a hard worker
  • Speak to us – if you find yourself in trouble at work, speak contact the UK office of speak to our local representative. In most cases we can help mediate and smooth over any issues you have with your employer.
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