Top five reasons you should work abroad

Working abroadWhen you are young is arguably the best, and almost certainly the easiest, time for you to uproot and go and live abroad for a while. Deciding to go and live in a different country is a big decision and it can be nerve wracking. But to try and reassure you that it is the right choice we have put together a list of reasons why you should definitely take the plunge and settle somewhere new for a while.

1.  You will fully immerse yourself in the culture and become one of the locals. Normally when you are travelling you are just passing through and you rarely get the chance to really appreciate what it is like for the people living there all the time. If you decide to stay for a while and work you will learn where the best places to go are and local people will start seeing you less as a visitor and more as one of them.

2. Working abroad means you can afford to stay somewhere longer and you can explore a new area. By making somewhere new your base you will open up a whole new area to travel. For example if you work in Australia you could take the opportunity to to travel in New Zealand or Asia which might be far away from where you normally live. You can also afford to stay in a place for longer than if you are a tourist as you will be earning money to pay your way. This is certainly something that those of you with the travel bug will find hard to pass up.

3. You will grow in confidence. Settling in to life in a new country that is different from where you normally live is challenging, but once you settle in you will almost certainly feel a huge sense of achievement. You will have to ask people how things work and figure some things out on your own. You will have to make new friends and try things that you never thought you would. Challenging yourself and succeeding will make you feel more confident in your abilities.

4. It looks fantastic on your CV. We hear all the time just how important it is to do things that make your CV stand out. Working abroad is certainly one of the things that makes you different from other people who might be applying for a job. Not only will living abroad show that you are independent and capable of rising to a challenge but where you work will also give you experience that will be valuable when looking for a job in the future.

5. It will broaden your mind. Before you start rolling your eyes, just bear with me. Whether you go and work somewhere totally different to or whether you decide to go somewhere that is far away but has a number of similarities, you will learn new things and meet different people. Doing this will undoubtedly open your eyes to alternative ways of doing things. You are also likely to try new things, develop new interests and get a better understanding of different cultures.

If you think that you might like to experience working abroad take a look at our website to see what different options there are available.

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