Make a difference from the comfort of your own home, helping charities in Lisbon to flourish in their work. Online volunteering is perfect for those who wish to travel and help, but who need to make it work around their lifestyle. Volunteering online in Portugal means you will gain remote cultural immersion, make a difference to under-funded charities and develop your skills with ultimate flexibility.

What are the benefits of volunteering from home?

Online volunteering offers ultimate flexibility, whilst also allowing you to travel virtually and less expensively. Through carefully selected programmes which offer immersion into the work of the charity or the course, as well as cultural and country immersion, virtual volunteers will be able to enjoy the benefits of joining an overseas volunteer project without having to leave the house. This can extend to whether you are a crisis volunteer or simply helping a charity to function in normal times.

E-volunteering appeals for many reasons:

  • It is flexible, and allows you to complete your tasks within your own time schedule – you can manage how many hours per week you can dedicate
  • You do not have the extra expenses of travelling, visas and injections
  • You meet people remotely from all around the world, from your course leader to your co-volunteers
  • Programmes are designed so that you learn about the project you are completing and the country that you are in
  • All you need is a computer with internet access
  • You need to be able to do video call to make the most of the opportunities available
  • Volunteering online is a great way to learn more about volunteering overseas, and could be the first step in your travelling journey

Remote volunteering is on the rise, and many people are becoming digital volunteers to gain work experience, learn more about the world and do some good. Micro volunteering shows initiative and prepares remote volunteers well for working in a more digital age.

Online volunteering opportunities are open to people of any age, from all walks of life. Remotely working is a great volunteer opportunity for those taking a career break, doing a gap year, in retirement or hoping to gain some more hours for their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering.

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