Health and Safety policy

Adventurous travel always involves some degree of risk. Our priority is to keep you safe and protect you as much as possible, while still giving you an authentic experience of life in your chosen destination.

We conduct thorough risk assessments to make sure we have identified potential hazards and done everything we can to reduce them. We also make sure you have the information you need about the situation locally and how to stay safe and healthy while you are out there.

Assessing risk

  • We conduct a formal written risk assessment for each project. Based on this, we identify any action needed to reduce the chance of injury, sickness or crime.
  • Risk assessments are constantly monitored and reviewed formally each year.
  • Risk assessments are available for participants to view on request.

Local monitoring

  • Representatives will be based locally to the project, and in many cases live directly on site. This makes them well-placed to monitor safety and participants’ well-being.
  • Formal safety checks are carried out biannually.

Briefing participants

  • We inform participants of any major risks associated with the project before they book.
  • Participants are advised how to get the latest information on local health issues and any required inoculation.
  • Our pre-departure briefing gives practical information about how to stay healthy and safe.
  • We require participants to arrange appropriate travel insurance and can recommend a good value policy which is appropriate for our projects.
  • Our representatives meet participants at the beginning of their project to get them settled in. They make sure participants understand about any dangers, how to access medical care and what to do in an emergency. Participants will be able to contact them throughout the duration of the project.

Booking flights

As an ATOL bonded company we would be delighted to organise your flights for you. In fact, with some of our programmes, flights can be included in the price.

If you ask us to arrange your international flight out to your destination, you can be assured that we will always use reputable agents and airlines. We will also take into account the need for you to arrive at a safe time of day (e.g. we would not recommend a cheaper option if it meant arriving at 2am).

Where internal flights are needed, the choice can be more limited, but we will always select the best available airline. In some countries, domestic airlines will not meet the standards that we would expect in Europe and the USA. Despite this, they have good safety records and are still the safest way to travel, compared with other local forms of public transport.