Dreaming of a gap year

Can’t keep your mind from wandering off to exotic locations or your fingers from scrolling through endless photos of incredible sunsets and mountain views on Instagram? You just might be ready for a gap year. Check out the 17 signs that suggest you might just be ready to take a gap year.

  1. You can’t stop thinking about places you have never been – when your friends are taking about university and careers all you can think about is how much of the world you would love to see and all the places that you haven’t had the chance to visit yet.
  2. You procrastinate by researching the different adventures you could be having – rather than putting off what needs doing by looking at celebrity gossip, shopping online or chatting to your friends you can’t stop looking at websites showing all the different things you could get up to overseas.
  3. You aren’t sure what to do next – everyone else seems to have a plan but it isn’t proving to be so simple for you. Take a year out to give yourself some time to work out what it is you want to do.
  4. You need a break – you have been working really hard (either on A levels or at uni) and it is time for a break. You also feel like having something to look forward to will help during those dark revision times will help you make it through. Reward yourself when you are all done.
  5. You are the friend who is always suggesting trips and holidays – you love visiting new places and you are always trying to convince others that you should be exploring.
  6. You need a change of scenery – they say change is a good as a break. Being in the same place for a long time can mean that you need some time away for a while.
  7. You are willing to cut down on the social life for a while – when saving up to go on a gap year you have to make choices and sometimes that means your social life takes a bit of a hit. If you are willing to do this then you know a gap year is right for you.
  8. You are ready to work hard to make it happen – saving and getting a job and working long hours are all necessary when taking a gap year. Again if you are willing to do this then you know now is the time to start planning.
  9. You feel jealous when you hear that others are away having the time of their lives – when you see lots of fantastic photos on Facebook and hear incredible stories and feel really jealous it is time for you to get away on an adventure.
  10. You can look after yourself – being independent is vital if you are considering a gap year. If you know how to look after yourself and don’t have to rely on others all the time you are probably ready to go.
  11. The list of places you want to visit is going up and up – when you think about where you would like to go and the list just keeps going up you know you need to make a start and head off on an adventure of your own. 
  12. You aren’t thinking about what everyone else is doing – if you are just doing it because your friends are then it might not be the right thing but if you are doing it in spite of what your friends are doing then why wait.
  13. You don’t have gadgets and clothes on your Christmas list – you have stopped wanting the usual things and are either asking for travel towels and headtorches or you just want money to put towards you adventure.

If you think that these points describe you then do not be put off. Start planning your adventure now but taking a look at all the options we have available on our website (why not allow yourself to procrastinate just a little longer!).

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