An unforgettable time as a volunteer with lions in South Africa

Baghira the lovely lionness at LIONSROCK
The lovely Baghira

Before I arrived at LIONSROCK, in my mind I had a really clear image of what I expected: beautiful rolling hills, lions prowling gracefully around a roaring their content, and a friendly welcome from an inspiring team- and somehow, my expectations were far exceeded.

The drive to LIONSROCK from Jo’burg is about three hours, through stunning countryside with plenty of animals to be sighted en route. Approaching the sanctuary, the road becomes dirt track and you begin a winding ascent to the area.  The first sight of a lion is unbelievably exciting. As you pass the large lake, you strain to see more, and they are not hard to see.

The first day of volunteering was incredibly varied, which is one of the great things about this project: no day is the same. We set off first thing to check on several of the lions, starting with Baghira, a beautiful she-lion who has to live on her own due to the conditions she was subjected to in her past life. This means that volunteers are really encouraged to develop a relationship with her, which is not a hard job at all. We visited all of the other lions too (the males are just as magnificent as I had imagined!) before helping out with a school tour of about 50 3-6 year olds.

The sanctuary works closely with the community to educate kids about animal welfare, and to give the kids a tour around the sanctuary, before lots of fun games related to the animals. I was amazed about how well behaved the children were, and it was a real pleasure to be with them!

LIONSROCK sanctuary South Africa
What a view from the bedroom window- look out for the lions basking in the sun!

The highlights of my day however had to happen in the afternoon: feeding and enrichment. Feeding happens twice a week, to reflect feeding patterns of wild lions. Large cows are brought in from local farms and fed to the lions- they suddenly turn from majestic large cats to the hunting king of the jungle. What a privilege to see! This is also a great time to learn off the staff members, who will tell you all about the sanctuary as you drive around doing the feeding.

Following the feeding, we worked on enrichment. This involved giving the lions tasks to do to bring out the instincts that they have in the wild. Sarah, my co-volunteer, had filled cardboard boxes with vanilla flavouring, and the lions spent time picking them apart and sniffing them out. It was fantastic to see.

As the sun was setting we strolled in the direction of the lodge, where volunteers often go for some food and drinks after a successful day outside with the lions. En route, we visited Coda the showcase tiger, a real attention seeker, and also the leopards. It was so pleasing to see them happy in a lovely environment, far from the fate that they were born into. We spent a lovely evening relaxing and eating fantastic food in the lodge restaurant- a perfect end to a fantastic day!

The following day we spent with Oyster’s lovely rep Jolene, as she showed as around the NGO that she works with full time. Our tour took us to the townships, to some incredibly inspiring HIV centres and shelters for street kids. The trip is very moving, and one that I would recommend to all volunteers without a doubt.

For more information check out our volunteer with lions in South Africa webpage.

LIONSROCK big cat sanctuary

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