The World’s Only Diploma in International Volunteering

This online program is designed to support you throughout your volunteering journey—before, during, and after your experience. Upon completing both the course and your volunteership, you will earn academic credit that can benefit you in numerous ways. You can gain this qualification by taking part in one of Oyster’s projects alongside study.

This vocational qualification enables you to showcase your practical skills, understanding, and knowledge essential for securing funding and successfully completing an international volunteering placement. Earning this diploma demonstrates your skill development, helping you excel in higher education and enhancing your employment opportunities.

Academic credit The Level 3 Diploma in International Volunteering is a 41-credit qualification accredited in the UK. As a general rule, one UK credit equates to 10 hours of work; a 10-credit course unit therefore requires 100 hours of study on average.

As a guide for US students: • 20 CGCS credits = 5 US credits • 41 CGCS credits = 10 US credits

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