Find out what our Oyster volunteers have said about their time as teaching volunteers in Laos from these reviews.

Laos Monks“I’m loving it! The first few days took me a while to adjust to the heat and the early mornings but after a few days I really settled in and I’m enjoying it a lot. I get along really well with my teaching partners and have amazing kids in both my classes too!

The highlights for me was learning about the Bhuddism and getting to know the novice monks on a personal level. All the students were so keen and grateful to learn and it was incredible to see how even a month of teaching them English had helped them! The first few days will be hard but once you settle in it’s amazing. At the beginning someone told me you get as much out of it as you put in and it’s so true. If you take time to plan your lessons and really make an effort with the students you get so much more back from them resulting in a rewarding outcome for both you and the students.”

Megan, 4 weeks June 2018

teaching in Laos“I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you so much for all your help pre-trip. Laos is going wonderfully, everyone here is lovely and helpful and I have nothing but good things to say. The accommodation and food are both great, and the teaching itself is really fun and rewarding (thanks to my wonderful students) Honestly I can’t think of a single piece of negative feedback. Thank you again for all your help”

Una, 4 weeks May 2018

volunteering in LaosI am very well thank you. My first 10 or so days have flown by! It has been extremely busy so far, and quite challenging at times seeing as I have never been a teacher before but I am still enjoying every minute! Each staff member has been amazing, very welcoming and very helpful!”

Harry, 4 weeks November 2017


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