Underwater photographyWhilst taking selfies seems to have taken the world by storm there are loads of other photos that you should be taking

  1. Take photos of all the activities that you do. There is nothing better than looking back over all the incredible things that you have done. If you have something like a GoPro take it swimming with you or strap it to your helmet when you are doing things. The photos and video you get will be awesome.
  2. Ask other people to take pictures of you. Whilst a selfie is great sometimes you don’t want your arm in the photos or you would like some context to explain that big grin on your face.
  3. Take beautiful photos of the scenery. Whilst going through millions of these can be dull if you leave without any you will regret it. Try to document every different type of scenery that you see to jog your memory.
  4. Take at least one photo of a sunset. Okay okay maybe 100 photos of sunsets. But a gap year wouldn’t be a gap year without a good number of photos of a gorgeous orange sky.
  5. Try your hand at wildlife photography.  Whilst this might result in endless out of focus action shots you might also just take your favourite photo of your whole trip.
  6. Take pictures of markets and streets where people are going about their daily life. These can be some of the best to look back on as they help to set the scene of where you were.
  7. Remember to look up from your camera every now and then. We are all guilty of experiencing a little bit too much from behind the screen of our digital cameras. Spend some time absorbing where you are and looking at with just with your eyes

Remember that if you are taking photos of people that it is polite to ask whether they mind. If you wouldn’t want your photo taken don’t assume that just because you are overseas that other people won’t mind.

If you take any great photos whilst you are away make sure you send them to us at [email protected].

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