Oyster Reviews: China Adventure

Find out what Oyster participants have said in these reviews of our China Adventure programme:


During the TEFL

“It’s going really well, the lessons are good and there is a mix of people from a lot of countries, more than I was expecting.The teaching centre is great, and Tongzhou is a cool district with hardly any other foreigners.”

During the Placement

“I was placed in the kindergarten with one other! It is very wealthy, designed like a five star hotel! On the same floor there is a mini cinema, gym, and swimming pool. I think I got lucky with the placement! The general work environment is formal and professional, but teaching feels relaxed – I have one class of 4/5 year olds (13 total) for the semester, working with three other class teachers. The local environment is great with a few small villages a short bus ride away. Their shops are mostly very upmarket, but there are also the standard wet markets hidden in the village – there is a lot to explore. I am going to Hangzhou this weekend for Qingmingjie, to see my roommate from the training period. Later this month a group of us are going to Weifang, also to see other interns and explore. I’ll be sure to send more photos in the next couple of months!”

Cameron Rose, 2016


“Although I’m out of China I wish I was back there – it’s an amazing place that has captured my heart, and I’m so impatient now to begin studying Chinese at university this Autumn! Thank you for offering it – it’s changed my life and I’m so in love with that country – I’m so glad I did it!”

Izzy Emery, 2015

blog2“If I had to pin-point the reason that I love it here so much I think it would be that China excites me. There’s so much to do with so many opportunities and possibilities. This month I visited an island off Shanghai for a long weekend, and visited Beijing for a week. I bought flights and coach tickets, did a 5 day tour, bought a ridiculous amount of souvenirs and still managed to save money despite only receiving ‘probationary pay’ last month. People often say that money goes a lot further in China and it’s true. I try to imagine how much I could save if I didn’t constantly find myself booking flights… Shanghai, Hong Kong and Xi’an next I think!”

Clara Wolsey, 2013

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