Oyster reviews: conservation volunteering in Australia

Find out what our Oyster volunteers have said about their time as conservation volunteers in Australia from these reviews.

Volunteers in a group shot volunteering in conservation projects in Victoria Australia “Hi Georgie! Things in Australia are great! Everything with the program has been easy, from finding where I need to be and figuring out what I need to do. The organisers have been really kind, informative, and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything that you have done! I’ve been very prepared for everything”

Aidan Murphy, 6 weeks September 2017


Volunteers collecting rubbish from a beach site in Western Australia  ” Life in Australia is going really great at the moment! The weather was a bit wet when I first arrived but the sun is out now and I’m getting a nice tan! I’ve been working on beaches every day this week doing different things – pruning, dune brushing, dune matting, weeding, planting amongst other things! Everyone is great and the project leaders on site are all very knowledgeable and I’ve learnt a lot about the local wildlife and the difference between native/not native plants and the importance of both.”

Alana Giles, 4 weeks May 2017

Despite the rain, volunteers still love the beach in Australia

“I really enjoyed my time on the project, met some cracking people and learnt a lot”

Zoe Seiffert, 2 weeks October 2016




Volunteers have been helping care for the animals in a wildlife sanctuary in Australia“Everything is going great. First week there were no other overseas students but despite that I absolutely loved it. The team made me feel at home. It’s amazing how warm and welcoming they are. Last Friday a boy from Germany came and yesterday we welcomed two more people. Our overseas volunteer family is growing. We do get along well. The weather has been wonderful.”

Nicole Kusheff, 4 weeks May 2016

Volunteer helps with conservation on a deserted Australian beach“Just completed my first day! We spent the day at a wildlife centre doing various jobs to free up the staff there to get on with looking after the animals – my job? Cleaning the kangaroo enclosure of 100 kangaroos worth of poo! Digging up agapanthus by the beach tomorrow  and will be rubbish collecting too.Glorious weather and meeting lots of lovely local volunteers as well as the internationals.

Barbara Boylan, 3 weeks February 2016

Conservation volunteers in Australia celebrate their work well done“I loved Australia, the climate, people and flora and fauna. We basically removed various invasive plants for two weeks, mostly Scottish! Enjoyed working with the locals and doing the work.”

Catrina MacLeod, 4 weeks January 2016


Volunteers pose next to their freshly planted plants“The time I have spent here so far has been great – even with the endless weeding! I have ended up with a great group of people and I’m am really enjoying myself. I look forward to flying to Perth this weekend for my final two weeks in Australia. I will staying at an away camp at Margaret River for most of the first week working on wetlands management before spending the second week in Freemantle.”

Sofie Bannister, 4 weeks November 2015

Volunteer helps with planting on the conservation project in Australia“I enjoyed my 2 months in Cairns and I am very grateful for your help in getting me into the program. The people I met and the many new friends I made was a real highlight.”

Oliver Tanner, 8 weeks January 2014

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