Find out what our volunteers have said in these Oyster reviews of our zoo internship in Malaysia:

A participant volunteering in Malaysia works to improve the welfare of a zebra in a zoo“It was amazing to observe the improvements in animals moods due to the enrichment activities created. The ability to get so close to a lot of tropical species, such as lions, rhinos, chimps, giraffes and elephants was amazing. I would not have had this opportunity otherwise. ”

Alice-Marie Bungay, 4 weeks June 2017

Big cats explore their new enclosure on the zoo internship in Malaysia“It was very hard work, the heat and humidity made it very difficult at times, but the impact that we had on the lives of some of the animals was amazing to see. Oyster Worldwide were brilliant from start to finish. Learning about enrichment, working with various animals and learning more about Malay people and their way of life and customs were amazing.”

Bradley Roberts, 4 weeks June 2017

“There was never a dull moment, it was a truly exceptional experience. I enjoyed interacting with many exotic animals, whilst developing new forms of enrichment, and being able to improve on their enclosures ”


Alice Vaudry, 4 weeks July 2016

web“I had an amazing time! I absolutely loved the whole thing. My highlights were showering a rhino, feeding a deer, and giving medicine to an ankole! Everything I was nervous about ended up being fine! I felt safe the whole time I was there and the people I worked with were really supportive and nice 🙂 Thank you for everything.”

Keilly Cunningham, 2 weeks June 2016


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